How Much Does Skyzone Trampoline Park Cost? (+ 5 Ways to Save) (2024)

Sky Zone Park offers a fun experience for kids at a good value. But just how much does it cost?

With various passes, parties, and programs available, here we’re breaking down the costs you can expect.

Note: Sky Zone has over 300 locations across the country and prices can vary but we’ll look at some of their prices to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Individual Jump Tickets (By Time & Activity)

The longer you stay, the cheaper it is to visit Sky Zone.

A 90-minute jump pass costs $23 but if you stay for longer, the 120-minute jump pass only costs an extra $3 for a total of $26.

If you think you’ll stay even longer, they also offer an unlimited pass for $35.

If you’ve never been to one of their Glow Zone events, it’s a lot of fun! The tickets cost $22.

Toddler Jump Tickets

Now for the younger kids, known as Little Leapers, a 90-minute pass costs only and just $18 for 120 minutes of jump time.

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Skysocks (grip socks) are required for all jumpers. If you don’t already have a pair, they can be purchased for $5.

If you have grip socks from another trampoline park, bring those to.


If you plan on visiting reguarly, a membership to the Sky Zone may very well be worth it. Especially if you plan on visiting at least 2 times a month.

I also like to get a membership during the months when it’s too hot or too cold to spend a lot of time outside. It gives the kids a way to burn off steam without going crazy in the house.

SkyZone offers a 3-month membership for just $27.99 per month.

If you sign-up for a full year, you get 2 months free and only pay $279 for the entire year.

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Food (at Fuel Zone)

All that jumping works up an appetite! Sky Zone’s Fuel Zone snack bar has plenty of kid-friendly options.

Here’s some of the food, and of course prices…

  • Slice of cheese pizza – $3.50
  • Cheese pizza – $15
  • Pepperoni or sausage pizza – $16
  • Loaded nachos – $5.50
  • Soft pretzel – $4
  • Combo meal (pizza slice or hot dog with chips & drink) – $8
  • Fountain drink – $3
  • Chips or Popcorn $2.50 – $5.50

Birthday Parties

Sky Zone is a fun option for celebrating your child’s birthday and they have some great birthday party packages.

The Mega VIP which includes 120 minutes of jump time, unlimited drinks, and favors for $495. Get 90 minutes of bouncing with the Epic package for just $395, or go for the Basic at $325.

The second type of party package is the Glow Package. Glow parties let kids bounce under neon lights for 2 hours at $595! All packages come with socks, pizza, a special gift for the birthday boy/girl, and a party host to help you celebrate. With prices starting at $325, Sky Zone makes it easy to throw an epic, gravity-defying bash they’ll never forget!

5 Ways to Save at Sky Zone

Some locations have different ways to save so you’ll want to check with the particular location you plan on going to. Here are some ways to check for:

Way to Save #1: Groupon

Groupon has been known to have discount tickets and / or birthday parties.

Way to Save #2: BOGO Wednesday

Every Wednesday there’s a buy one, get one free offer jump pass deal! Get 2 passes for the price of one 90 or 120-minute jump. Bring a buddy and jump the day away for half the cost. This walk-in-only deal doesn’t include socks and has some blackout dates, so check first.

Way to Save #3: Hoppy Hour

Start your weekend off right with Hoppy Hour every Friday from 3 pm-5 pm. Get 60 minutes of jumping for just $15 per person! No socks included and this walk-in-only deal isn’t available on holidays or breaks. But if you’re looking to jump and save, Fridays are for you!

Way to Save #4: School Reward Program

The School Reward Program provides teachers with discounted 30-minute jump passes to give out to students for achievements like good grades, attendance, and behavior. Per semester, teachers can use these discounted passes as they see fit to motivate students.

Way to Save #5: Family night

Tuesdays are all about family time! From 3pm-8pm, the Family Night package gets 4 people 60 minutes of jumping, plus pizza and drinks, all for $65. No socks and blackout dates apply, but it’s a great way for families to play together and make memories!

How Much Does Skyzone Trampoline Park Cost? (+ 5 Ways to Save) (2024)


What is the youngest age for Sky Zone? ›

Is there an age limit for admittance to Sky Zone? All ages are welcome at Sky Zone. To comply with safety standards, certain attractions are separated by age and size.

How much are Sky Zone socks? ›

The socks are included with your ticket price, but if you buy separately, they are $1/pair. You can bring them back and reuse them and get a $1 discount (as long as they are clean, in good shape, etc). All adults should be able to jump together, unless there is an extreme size difference between some of them.

Do Sky Zone memberships work at all locations? ›

Is my Membership valid at all Sky Zone locations? Membership is only valid at the park you originally signed up at. We are so happy to have you apart of our family at Sky Zone Belden Village.

How many Sky Zone locations are there? ›

And there's enough room for everyone, so all kids – and kids at heart – can play together. Our vision is a world where everyone plays, every day. Sky Zone is the world's largest developer, operator, and franchisor of trampoline and active entertainment parks with a network of more than 300 global locations.

How old do you have to be to do a sky? ›

Prerequisites for Tandem Skydiving

The maximum age for Tandem Skydiving is 70. Anyone under 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian (BPA Form 106). Please note that the minimum age for parachuting is 16, anyone under 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian.

What to wear to Sky Zone? ›

What should I wear to Sky Zone? We don't have a strict dress code, but recommend active wear or athleisure. Don't forget your SkySocks.

Are Sky Zone Glow shirts free? ›

A GLOW T-shirt MUST be worn in order to jump. A GLOW shirt can be purchased for $5 and re-used for future GLOW sessions. A valid waiver and SkySocks are required to jump.

Can you keep Skyzone socks? ›

Yes. We sell special SkySocks in the park as both a safety and cleanliness measure. And you get to keep them after! Because who wants to put on used socks, anyways?

How much are jump socks? ›

We recommend Jump In grip socks to ensure they have a sufficient and safe grip. These are available for purchase from reception from £2.90 and can be re-used on your next visit. Feast your eyes on our hoptastic deals. 20% discount on 90 and 120-minute Open Jump with valid student ID.

How much does the dojo boom cost? ›

$18 For 2 Hours Of Jump Time For 1 (Reg. $36) at Dojo Boom - Thousand Oaks, CA.

Who started Sky Zone? ›

History. Sky Zone was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Rick Platt in the Las Vegas Valley. Platt originally intended for the trampoline courts to be used as part of a new sport with professional athletes.

Who invented the trampoline? ›

Who is CEO of Sky Zone? ›

Earlier this year, Sky Zone's CEO, Shawn Hassel, shared the brand's commitment to sustained momentum, and how the company will accelerate franchise development through amplified support of the franchise network. Sky Zone is expecting to hit 300 parks by the end of 2024.

What kind of socks to wear at Skyzone? ›

All Jumpers are required to wear Sky Socks at all times.

How much are altitude grip socks? ›

We require every jumper to wear Altitude Safety Socks (or your own as long as they have grips on the bottom), these socks can be purchased at any Altitude Park for $3 a pair. We enforce this rule to help keep our jumpers safe and parks clean!

How much do socks cost at Bounce? ›

Prices exclude BOUNCE grip socks which must be worn for every session. They're yours to buy and keep for $3.50.

How much are socks at Flying Squirrel trampoline Park? ›

Guests with special needs jump for $8/hour any time, with an aide/parent/caregiver able to jump with them for free. Trampoline grip socks are still required for both jumpers for $3.50/pair and are yours to keep.


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