What are top 10 stocks to buy? (2024)

What are top 10 stocks to buy?

Amazon's analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 41 Wall Streets Analysts. Open a brokerage account, see exclusive account opening deals on our Best Online Brokers page.

What are the 10 best stocks to buy right now?

The 10 most undervalued stocks from our Best Companies to Own list as of March 27, 2024, were:
  • British American Tobacco BTI.
  • Imperial Brands IMBBY.
  • Reckitt Benckiser Group RBGLY.
  • Pfizer PFE.
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev BUD.
  • Polaris PII.
  • Ambev ABEV.
  • Estee Lauder EL.
Mar 28, 2024

What are 3 good stocks to invest in?

7 of the Best Long Term Stocks to Buy and Hold
StockMarket CapitalizationSector
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (CL)$73 billionConsumer staples
Sysco Corp. (SYY)$41 billionConsumer staples
Coca-Cola Co. (KO)$261 billionConsumer staples
S&P Global Inc. (SPGI)$134 billionFinancials
3 more rows
Mar 25, 2024

Which is the best share to buy now?

  • Buy Sansera Engineering, target price Rs 1251: LKP Securities 7 Hours ago.
  • Buy Supreme Industries, target price Rs 5094: Prabhudas Lilladher 7 Hours ago.
  • Buy Greenpanel Industries, target price Rs 420: Prabhudas Lilladher7 Hours ago.
  • Buy PNB Housing Finance, target price Rs 1000: Motilal Oswal8 Hours ago.
1 day ago

Which stock will boom in 2024?

Best Stocks to Invest in India 2024
1.Tata Consultancy Services LtdIT - Software
2.Infosys LtdIT - Software
3.Hindustan Unilever LtdFMCG
4.Reliance Industries LtdRefineries
1 more row
5 days ago

What are 5 good stocks?

The 9 Best Stocks To Buy Now
Company (Ticker)Forward P/E Ratio
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS)15.3
Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (ISRG)60.9
The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC)12.2
The Progressive Corporation (PGR)23.3
5 more rows
6 days ago

What are the hottest stocks right now?

Most Actives
SymbolNamePrice (Intraday)
TSLATesla, Inc.171.05
INTCIntel Corporation35.69
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.9.13
FFord Motor Company12.61
21 more rows

Is AMZN a buy right now?

Amazon's analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 41 Wall Streets Analysts. Open a brokerage account, see exclusive account opening deals on our Best Online Brokers page.

What is the safest stock to invest in?

Dividend stocks are considered safer than high-growth stocks, because they pay cash dividends, helping to limit their volatility but not eliminating it. So dividend stocks will fluctuate with the market but may not fall as far when the market is depressed.

Is Walmart a good stock to buy?

Walmart has 8.32% upside potential, based on the analysts' average price target. Walmart has a conensus rating of Strong Buy which is based on 25 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings and 0 sell ratings. The average price target for Walmart is $65.73.

What is the best stock to buy for beginners?

Some of the best stocks to invest in 2024 for beginners include Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA). For this list, we used a stock screener and selected stable companies with high single digit or low-teens revenue growth.

What is the most profitable share?

High Profit stocks
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Starlite Comp.2.53
2.Quantum Digital22.60
3.Suryo Foods14.84
4.Tuticorin Alkali95.56
23 more rows

Which stock is best for future?

Top Long-Term Stocks in India for 2024 as per market capitalisation
Reliance IndustriesConglomerate
Bajaj FinanceFinancial Services
Larsen & ToubroEngineering and Construction
ITCTobacco and FMCG
6 more rows

Which stock will double in 1 month?

Stocks with good 1 month returns
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.I R C T C1057.65
2.Lloyds Metals696.75
3.Hindustan Zinc431.95
4.Deepak Nitrite2316.70
23 more rows

What stock will double in 2024?

3 Stocks That Are on Their Way to Doubling in 2024
  • Celsius, Sweetgreen, and Instacart are up between 59% and 95% so far in 2024.
  • Celsius may not seem cheap right now, but five years ago you could've bought it for less than what it should earn next year.
Mar 19, 2024

What are the 10 best penny stocks to buy?

List of Top 10 Fundamentally Strong Penny Stocks of 2024
  • Vikas Ecotech Ltd.
  • Comfort Intech Ltd.
  • Rajnandini Metal Ltd.
  • G G Engineering Ltd.
  • Indian Infotech & Software Ltd.
  • Genpharmasec Ltd.
  • Accuracy Shipping Ltd.
  • Goyal Aluminiums Ltd.
Mar 26, 2024

Which stock is growing fast?

1.Life Insurance15.22
2.Dr Reddy's Labs19.41
3.Shree Cement39.09
4.Hero Motocorp23.88
23 more rows

What are the 3 main stocks?

What kinds of stocks are there?
  • Growth stocks have earnings growing at a faster rate than the market average. ...
  • Income stocks pay dividends consistently. ...
  • Value stocks have a low price-to-earnings (PE) ratio, meaning they are cheaper to buy than stocks with a higher PE.

Is $5 enough to invest in stocks?

This means that if you only have $5 to invest with, you can still buy a portion of a share of stock if a full share costs $100 or more. Now you may be thinking, "Well heck, I'm not going to get very far by investing $5." And you're probably right. A single $5 investment is not going to do a whole lot for you.

What stock does Warren Buffet own?

Although old-guard favorites such as American Express (AXP) and Coca-Cola (KO) still form the core of the portfolio, Buffett & Co. have taken a shine to names such as Apple (AAPL) and Amazon.com (AMZN), and even to lesser-known firms such as Snowflake (SNOW) and Nu Holdings (NU).

Which stock gives highest return in 1 year?

Highest Return in 1 Year
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Spright Agro28.33
2.Jai Balaji Inds.1060.60
3.SG Mart459.95
4.Insolation Ener1676.25
23 more rows

What are the top 3 most active stocks today?

Most Actives
SymbolNamePrice (Intraday)
INTCIntel Corporation35.69
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.9.13
FFord Motor Company12.61
GOLDBarrick Gold Corporation17.86
21 more rows

Is Walmart stock a buy or sell?

Walmart stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is Aa2 and is based on 94 buy ratings, 5 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings.

Is Tesla a buy sell or hold?

Is Tesla stock a Buy, Sell or Hold? Tesla stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is and is based on 44 buy ratings, 34 hold ratings, and 16 sell ratings.

Is Apple a buy or sell right now?

Apple's analyst rating consensus is a Moderate Buy. This is based on the ratings of 27 Wall Streets Analysts.


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