Zafaria Crafting Quest (2024)

1. Zafaria Crafting Quest Guide - Final Bastion

  • May 9, 2014 · To be able to craft Avalon gear, you need the Legendary Crafter badge, which you will receive once you finish the crafting quest for Zafaria.

  • Nora Misthead shows how best to complete the Zafaria Crafting Quest.

2. Where is crafting quest to zafaria? | Wizard101 Free Online Games

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3. Crafting101 - Zafaria - Ravenwood Academy

4. Azteca Crafting Quest Guide - Final Bastion

  • Jun 24, 2014 · Koyate GhostMane will give you a quest called “From Zafaria to Azteca“, which will require you to go talk to Oztomeca in Three Points, Azteca.

  • Time for our next crafting quest guide: Azteca! This time, we're making a Eagle War Shield. Find out where to find Agave Leaves, Nectar and Turquoise!

5. Wizard101 Zafaria crafting

6. Amber! - The Friendly Necromancer

  • Jul 24, 2012 · I'm not quite done with the Zafaria crafting quest, trying to craft the Avalon Ice Gear that gives insane amounts of resist. ReplyDelete.

  • No, silly! Not Amber Deathsong ! I'm on a quest for Amber reagents ! If you don't know what that is, it's a high high end crafting compone...

7. Wizard101 Professor Quests

  • There are also minimum level requirements: you must be level 10 + up for the WC box, 30 for Marleybone, 40 for Mooshu, 60 for Zafaria, and 80 for Avalon.

  • Posts about Wizard101 Professor Quests written by yogaleigh

8. Crafting Quests | Istaria Wiki - Fandom

  • Crafting Quests are quests that involve gathering resources, crafting items, or performing tasks for a specific crafting school. This quest type is ...

  • Crafting Quests are quests that involve gathering resources, crafting items, or performing tasks for a specific crafting school. This quest type is generally safer than adventuring quests, but sometimes the two are combined into a single quest. These quests typically reward crafting experience or abilities. For dragon craft quests, see here.

Zafaria Crafting Quest (2024)


How long does it take to complete Zafaria? ›

Zafaria mainly consists of Zebras and Rhino's. Each enemy has from 1500- 7000 health. Zafaria is a not very long if you put your mind to finishing it. You can finish it within a week.

How long does celestia take? ›

It took me about six months, but I only played for about three weeks of that time. So celestia is a pretty long world but if you play 3-4 hours a day (YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!) then you'll go faster then the average person.

How do you craft 2 spirit caller drums? ›

To make 2 Spirit Caller Drums, you will need 2 Conga Drums. The crafting recipe for these is sold by Gearwise in Celestia Base Camp. To make TWO Conga Drums, you will need: 4 Giant Treasure Cards.

Who is the last boss in Zafaria? ›

Yes the spiders are the last boss.

How many quest are in Zafaria? ›

Zafaria has 148 quests, of which 19 are Defeat and Collect quests, 30 regular mob fights and 24 bosses. Of those bosses, 6 are the cheating type.

What is the longest Wizard101 spell? ›

Call of Khrulhu takes a full minute and twenty seconds to play out against an entire complement of four enemies.

What is the hardest hitting school in Wizard101? ›

Here is a list of the schools in the order of their strength, along with their average strength.
  • Storm (478)
  • Fire (368)
  • Myth (365)
  • Ice (359)
  • Death (333)
  • Life (323)
  • Balance (292)

What is the longest world in Wizard101? ›

Statistically, Khrysalis (world after Azteca) is currently the longest world within the entire spiral with over 100 quests to do. This is because it was the first world to be separated within two sections, with each section being released in separate updates.

Who married Celestia? ›

In "A Letter That Realizes Dreams", it's revealed that Celestia remarried with the captain of her Royal Guard and that together they have a daughter named Gleaming Shield.

How long does Marleybone take in Wizard101? ›

Since it's the weekend I've played about 8 hours a day (with breaks in the middle), so I'd say if you just did the storyline and really wanted to grind your way through the world you could get done in about a week or week and a half with 2 hours a day. It's not too long.

Is Celestia older than Luna? ›

Princess Luna is Celestia's younger sister and they seem to be very close. As they are the ones who raise the Sun and the Moon, they rule over Equestria.

Where can I get Conga Drum wizard 101? ›

Recipe for Conga Drums is sold in Celestia, recipe vendor is located by the housing vendor heading towards the Science Center.

How to get a Conga Drum? ›

The Conga Drums recipe needs 2 Crystal Vials. It is a pricey reagent when bought from a vendor or the Bazaar. The vendors in Wysteria, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre sell them for 330 gold. Buying them from the Bazaar can cost between 165 to 1650 gold each.

Where can I get a spirit caller Drum recipe? ›

You have to earn it by completing all the crafting quests up to that point and then accepting the crafting quest he gives assigns. If you've already accepted his quest, look in your crafting section under housing items and you will find the recipe waiting. Ghostmane will ask to to craft two spirit caller drums.

What level is Zafaria for? ›

If you can get into Zafaria through normal questing, then you can quest there. The entry level is 55.

What's after Zafaria Wizard101? ›

Since its launch, Wizard101 has released thirteen mainline "World" expansions: Dragonspyre (2009), Celestia (2010), Zafaria (2011), Avalon (2012), Azteca (2012), Khrysalis Part 1 (2013), Khrysalis Part 2 (2014), Polaris (2015), Mirage (2016), Empyrea Part 1 (2017), Empyrea Part 2 (2018), Karamelle (2020), and Lemuria ( ...


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