Webtoon Unscrolled's Boyfriends. Volume Two Review: Good Vibes Only, Please (2024)

In its second printed Webtoon adaptation from WEBTOON Unscrolled, Boyfriends. Volume 2 advances the polyamorous relationship between a Jock, Goth, Nerd and Prep as they navigate their new relationship in college. Boyfriends. Volume 2 was written and drawn by Refrainbow, with art assistants Kuin, DreamyCafeArt, and pingapenguins. It was edited by Emma Hambly, with publication design by Rhys Eusebio and sequential design and lettering by Niko Dalcin. The graphic novel covers episodes 56-100 of the original webcomic that debuted on the Webtoon platform in April 2021. The book also ends with additional bonus materials that reveal more about the characters and the author. Rated for ages 18+, this graphic novel contains mature content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Boyfriends. Volume 2 advances the steamy and heartwarming story about a polycule that forms between a Jock, Goth, Nerd, and Prep, who are now entering their senior year of college. As their relationship continues to grow as they discover more about themselves and each other, they become more affectionate and confident in their new dynamic. The story also takes an exciting spin with the new addition of the Girlfriends, a polycule that is a feminine reflection of the Boyfriends.


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Boyfriends. Volume 2 is a Feel-Good Read That Lacks Plot Or Conflict

Boyfriends. Volume 2’s Most Exciting Development Is the Girlfriends’ Debut

Webtoon Unscrolled's Boyfriends. Volume Two Review: Good Vibes Only, Please (2)


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The tone throughout the new novel carries the same whimsical and lightheartedness that readers come to expect from Boyfriends. Volume 1. This second volume comprises cute and romantic scenes that tend to change from chapter to chapter, giving all the characters a moment to shine. While these make for a feel-good read to warm the hearts of readers, the second volume continues to lack conflict or tension that one might expect as a series progresses. Instead of the polycule facing challenges or misunderstandings together, they continue to have an overly easy time with everything in their relationship. This simplicity means that there's a severe lack of plot to keep readers engaged or interested in what is yet to come. There are no stakes whatsoever in the novel, making it ideal for readers who are looking for a feel-good read without plot progression.

The artwork in Boyfriends. Volume 2 is as colorful and enticing as the first printed installment. Refrainbow's character designs for the newly-introduced Girlfriends are adorable and cleverly executed. The four feminine character designs reflect the Boyfriend's polycule, with their polycule also consisting of a Jock, Goth, Nerd, and Prep. Fans will also enjoy the playful art style throughout the novel. Refrainbow gets extra creative with his art style by incorporating a fan fic segment in the novel, where he alters his typical art style to create a something akin to a fairy tale set in a magical fantasy world.

The coloring techniques are fun and inviting throughout Boyfriends. Volume 2. The use of pastel colors is well suited for the feel-good atmosphere of the novel. The colorfulness of the characters, backgrounds, and chapter breaks will give readers a boost of serotonin when they pick up the book. The coloring is especially unique during the aforementioned fan fic segment, where color palettes for backgrounds and dialogue boxes are different from the rest of the main story.

The lettering by Niko Dalcin throughout Boyfriends. Volume 2is seamless and clear, enhancing the novel's comforting aesthetic. The lettering for action and sound effects matches the pastel color palette and maintain the playful tone of the series. Hearts and sparkles often accompany words to highlight the romantic or cute gesture of a character. It is also clever that miniature icons of the characters' heads are used in the place of names in dialogue boxes, since none of the characters actually have names.

Boyfriends. Volume 2 is a Must-Read for Fans of Queer Joy

Boyfriends. Volume 2 Never Fails To Leave Readers Smiling


REVIEW: WEBTOON Unscrolled's Boyfriends. Volume One

A polyamorous relationship between four college boys is formed in WEBTOON Unscrolled's first printed installment of Refrainbow's Boyfriends.

Boyfriends. Volume 2 is formatted into 16 short chapters, followed by bonus material at the end of the novel. Every chapter consists of its own storyline or scene, usually to emphasize different romantic scenarios that the boys end up in. The chapter breaks are consistent with the formatting of Boyfriends. Volume 1, with art consisting of graphing paper and stickers that remind readers of being in school and owning notebooks that they would decorate themselves. The original webcomic's panels were rearranged with a thoughtful layout that optimizes the printed format by encouraging page turns. This second printed installment upholds Refrainbow's original artwork and story line, following the original webcomic without introducing new content to the main story.

While the lack of meaty conflict and depth might disappoint some readers, the comic deserves credit for depicting queer joy with no strings attached. More often than not, LGBTQ+ romances are expected to be heavy dramas or even tragedies. Boyfriends., conversely, just wants to show its central polycule living and loving like there's no tomorrow. Refrainbow's Boyfriends. Volume 2 is a story of romantic queer joy that offers endless good vibes to make readers happy.

Boyfriends. Volume 2: A WEBTOON Unscrolled Graphic Novel is now available wherever books are sold. The original webcomic is still ongoing and can be read on Webtoon. New episodes are uploaded every Tuesday.

Webtoon Unscrolled's Boyfriends. Volume Two Review: Good Vibes Only, Please (2024)


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