The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania (2024)

I SAYRE, FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1930 PAGE ELEVEN Your Money's Well Spent, for a Times Ad, For Rent EVENING TIMES CLASSIFIED AUVERTISING RATES One Insertion One and a half centa word. No charge of less than 25 centa Tre Insertions Half price for each Insertion after the drat time. CASH MUST BE PAID FOR ADVER (Isem*nTS For Type Like This we make a charge of double rates To insure proper classification, copy must De in the office not later than 13 m. on the date you wish your ad to appear. Ads with borders mad extra play ada on this page will be with the ed at a rate proportionate regular rate.

Rates tor these ada will be furnished upon application. Valley phone 82-X. FOR S.ALE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS $57.50 ELECTRIC SEWING MACHINE This electric Sewing Machine fully guaranteed. Beautiful walnut cabinet, full set of attachmenta. Let us show you this machine.

$3 down payment. $45.00 Same machine, treadle model, not electric, $45. F. A. ARMSTRONG SON 302 S.

Main St. Athens March 14-15-17-28-29-31 Apr. 1-11-12-14-25-26-28 FOR SALE- all improvements, double It 66 330. Large -hen house will accommodate 300 layers. Large brooder coop and garage.

All in good condition. F. C. Vannoy, 55 Pine street, Waverly, N. Y.

13 FOR SALE-Lumber, 2 by 4 and 3 by 6, one inch. 15-F-3, ly. FOR SALE-16 inch wood shingles $4.50 per square. Delivered in Waverly, Sayre or Athens. phrey Lumber Yard, Waverly.

ephone 162. 14 M6t-eod FOR SALE--Underwood typewriter, good condition, cheap for cash. Box GS, Care of Times FOR SALE-11-Room Tourist. Home, fully equipped, with acre on main highway. This is Not all cash.

See us for bargains in farms and city property. VALLEY REALTY AGENCY Waverly, N. Y. 461 Waverly Phone 576 FOR SALE Late 1928 Essex Coach. $150 down, remainder in six months.

T. W. Harris. Phone 245. 14M2t FOR SALE--Team of horses, weight 2600.

126 North River Sayre. FOR SALE--State blood tested and inspected Rhode Island red and white leghorn baby chicks. They cost scarcely any more and they live. Some customers report 100 percent alive at three weeks. Susquehanna County Breeders Hatchery, Montrose, Pa.

14M eol 16A FOR SALE--One hundred acre farm. Or will exchange for town property. 3 1-2 miles from Athens. Also for sale to clean up Fred Gregory's estate Chevrolet truck, ensilage cutter, hay rake, 8 tons hay. 5 tons straw, 25 bushels oats.

Shetland pony, harness and wagon, 2 Holstein cows, plow, grain drill, corn harvester, quantity of manure, about 60 hens. about 25 cords of wood, barn used as garage on Public street, Athens. 15 acres of spring wheat in South Waverly, feed box of meat hooks, water cooler equipment for Ford tractor. Inquire W. J.

Harris, executor of Fred Gregoy estate, Athens, Pa. Phone 487. 14M3t. FOR SALE $25. VICTROLA $25.

Victor Victrola, Upright Model, Oak case, as good as new. $25 buys it and you get 50 selections Free. Terms. F. A.

ARMSTRONG SON 302 S. Main, Athens 14 M3t FOR SALE -Bungalow, all improvements. Easy terms. Inquire 312 Broad Waverly FOR SALE-20 horses, all ready for work. Wright D.

Morley, 304 Morley Place, Elmira, N. Tel. 6452. 14M2t For Sale The following Used Cars have been thoroughly reconditioned and put in the very best of shape during the Winter Season while work in our shop has 'been quiet. Come in and look these Used Car Bargains over while there is a large variety to choose from $575 AND UP 1930 Buick Sedan ''118" Series 1925 Buick Sport Touring: De Luxe Equipment 1928 Buick Brougham Series De 1 Luxe Equipment 1928 Buick Standard Coach 1927 Buick Standard Coach.

1929 Oldsmobile Coach 1928 Oldsmobile Sedan 1928 Oldsmobile Coach $375 to $575 Oakland Brougham Whippet Six Sedan Oakland Sedan Nash Brougham Nash Coach Studebaker Sedan Ford Coach, model A Buick Coach $50 $295 Star Coach Reo Sport Roadster Ford Sedan Chevrolet Sedan Chandler Coach Hupmobile Sedan Durrant Touring Oakland Touring Willys-Knight Sedan Cleveland Sedan Open Evenings Athens Motor Company SOUTH ELMIRA ST. ATHENS, PA 13Mtf FOR SALE Five year old Guernsey cow, 100 1 laying hens. Zeppa. Sulphur Springs, R. 1.

2. Waverly. FOR. SALE--Team of horses Mrs. Carrie Sweet, Athens, R.

D. 2. Phone 568-F. FOR SALE -Bicycle, Coaster Brake, ten dollars. Inquire 312 Broad Waverly.

$50. EDISON $50. Talking Machine, Mahogany flat or console model, just like new, will last a life time. Large selection records free. $3.

weekly. F. A. ARMSTRONG SON, 302 S. Main, Athens 14M3t FOR SALE--Eight room house, 134 Center street.

Improvements, garage, large lot. Mrs. Nettie Rob inson, Waverly. 13 M3t. FOR SALE-50 hives of bees.

R. Morningstar, Waverly, N. Y. 11 FOR SALE--Modern five room bungalow with garage. 309 N.

Hopkins, Sayre. 12M3t FOR SALE--Freshly mined bard coal. Cash prices on orders of 1 1-2 tons or more. Chestnut others accordingly. Order ahead.

Phone 562-D. 11 M5t HARDMAN PIANO Small Size, excellent tone, in very good condition. Much better than a chap new piano. Buy it today Bench Scarf Free. $5 down payment.

F. A SON, 302 S. Main, Athens 14M3t Special Inducement will be of. fered to the person who buys our New Colonial Home on North El mer Avenue before April 1st. It has Fireplace, Breakfast Nook.

Kitchen Maid Cabinets, Shower Bath and many bullt-in features The Sayre. Land Company, 8Mtf FOR SALE FOR SALE Beech, Birch and Maple pole wood. Oak and hickory chunk wood. Seasoned wood. sell Horton.

3 M30t FOR SALE--New English Home with Sun Parlor, Cromar: Floors, Vestibule Entrance, Fruit Cellar, Laundry Tubs and other modern conveniences. The Sayre Land Company. SMit. FOR SALE -Cinders. 484-0.

13.M6t* FOR SALE--Used doors. dons, and casings. lumber and brick. furnace, bathroom fixtures. etc.

Cor. Locust and S. Main streets. Arthur J. Macafee.

610 South Main. Athens. 4M $75. PIANO $75, Mahogany Piano--Good condition. Will give years of satisfactory service--Just the piano for children.

Terms if desired. A. ARMSTRONG SON, 302 S. Main, Athens 14M3t FOR SALE--Cherry cupboard, couch, leather chair, and other furniture. Mrs.

John Saphar, South Elmer avenue. 10 FOR SALE Farm 110 acres. on Macadam Road, 2 miles from Towanda. Buildings in good condition. Orchard, 12 acres woodland.

Priced For Quick Sale R. MILLER, Towanda, R. D. 2 or T. J.

KIRWAN, 202 Chemung Street, Sayre. FOR SALE-A chicken farm in village of VanEtten. 10 room house, can accommodate now 500 chickens. Terms, $200 cash, balance easy terms. On state road.

Address, Box 124, VanEtten. 11 FOR SALE. Corona No. 4 portable typewriter in excellent condition. Standard key.

board. Cheap for cash. John F. Coleman, Smithboro, N. Y.

12M3t FOR SALE--Trio large pedi greed chinchillas, finest in coun try. 14 Orange street, Waverly Phone 18-J. 13.M3t* FOR SALE -Sheetrock, 32 inches by 48 inches, $25. per thousand. Humphrey Lumber Yard, Waverly, N.

Y. Telephone 162. 14 M6t-eod FOR SALE-Baby carriage, good as new, Universal Electric cleaner with attachments. Inquire 505 mond Street, Athens. FOR RENT HOUSES TO LET RENT -Eleven room house, arranged for two families, 301 Desmond, Sayre.

13 FOR -House on street. Inquire 504 North Elmer avenue. FOR RENT--House OD South River street. loquire Sayre Land Co. FOR RENT-House, improvements, Chemung street.

317 South Wilbur Avenue. 12 MSt FOR RENT-4 rooms and bath. All improvements. W. Schreck.

N. Keystone. FOR RENT--Furnished apartment, all improvements, 310 All. son FOR RENT--Small, nicely furnished Good location. To responsible people cheap.

Call 259 between 8 and 10 a.m. FOR RENT House, Cayuga street, Sayre. Improvements. Redecorated. Phone 337-X.

12 FOR RENT-House, 130 Chestnut street, Sayre. Improvements. Phone 109-C. APARTMENTS TO LET FOR RENT-Heated five 100m apartment near Waverly business section, all improvements. McCray, Waverly.

13 FOR RENT--Apartment. Inquire 312 Broad Waverly. FOR RENT- centrally located, modern. Call verly 248-R or 452. 3 Mtf FOR RENT--Four room furnished flat.

all improvements. Private entrance. 308 So. Wilbur Ave. FOR RENT Modern apartments, hardwood floors.

512 Clark street, Waverly. Call Waverly 531. 11 FOR RENT Five beautiful rooms, lights, water, bath. large garden and lawn. Over an acre land, poultry houses, fruit.

Edge Waverly. Phone 299-M. You can't tell. The loafers yo'1 know may be accumulating materlial for the confession magazines. Henry T.

Rockwell CORRESPONDENT TOWANDA DEPARTMENT OFFICE AT 306 MAIN STREET GLIDERS WILL BE AIR MEET FEATURE Towandians Will See Newest Form of Heavier Than Air Craft TOWANDA, Mar. 14-Gliders, the newest feature of aviation, will be seen skimming noiselessly through the clouds above Towanda this summer, it plans made at the annual meeting of the Towanda Aerial club held, last night at W. W. Jennings' garage go through as The matter of gliders has been informally discussed among members of the club for some time. One group of members, headed by Ross Bacon, will secure plans and construct a glider.

Another group composed of W. W. Jennings and others, plans to purchase a glider and have it shipped here. Officers of the club were elected. J.

Macklem Perkins being named president; Ira Varney, cent; Ross Bacon, secretary; and W. WV. Jennings. treasurer; Charles Cox, T. J.

Finn and How. ard Kilmer, executive committee. It was decided to have the club incorporated. Steps in this matter will be taken in the near future. Otber matters of interest were discussed and reports on the past years' wort over.

There was a good attendance. FIRST FOREST FIRE OF SEASON REPORTED TOWANDA, March first forest fire of the season was reported last night to Fire Inspec tor. at George Wyalusing Emory of Rocks, Wysox. where It persons burning brush let the fire get away from them. Later it was brought under control, without having done much damage.

The season for forest fires is close at hand and Fire Inspector Emery bad issued a warning to all persons to be careful in burning brush and rubbish. In case of a fire people are advised to notify their fire wardens or Inspector Emery at once. McCABE-BALSAN TOWANDA, March has been made here by Mr. and Mrs. W.

F. Dittrich of the marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Aline Dittrich McCabe, formerly of Towanda, to Ans Balsan of New York City. The marriage took place Wednesday in New York city. MRS.

JOHN McINTOSH TOWANDA. March John McIntosh, a former resident of Towanda, died at the home of her daughter in Clymer, Tuesday. Funeral services are being held this afternoon in Blossburg. Mrs. McIntosh is survived by two daughters, Mrs.

Charles E. Faust of Clymer, and Mrs. Thomas Reed of New Haven, Conn. Notices Members of Moose lodge from Owego, Towanda, Sayre, Athens and other places are expected. to attend the meeting in Moose Home, Waverly, Saturday evening, March 15, when the Alfred H.

Ladner class of more than one kundred candidates, will be initiated into membership in the Wavery lodge. Supreme Dictator Ladner of Philadelphia will come to Waverly to act as sponsor for the class and Dr. Harry S. Fish of Sayre will be the class president. The meeting will be followed by a buffet lunch and smoker.

The annual visitation of members of the New York state tax commission with assessors, supervisors and municipal officers of Tioga county will be made Tuesday. April 22, when a meeting will be held in the court house at Owego. The Bethel Class of Athens Methodist Church will hold its regular monthly business meeting in Bethel Hall, Saturday night, March 15. Supper at 6:30 o'clock. Sayre Encampment No.

52 I. 0. O. F. will meet tonight.

There will be nomination and election of cers. All patriarchs are urged to attend. from Auburn, and will be taken back there, Corporal Baumgartner said. It is likely that after serving time for violating the parole he will be again' tried under the Baumes law in New York state. Telephone BELT 409 'Farmer' Charged With Passing Bad Checks In Towanda, Is Apprehended HOTEL PROPRIETOR FORFEITS HIS BAIL W.

B. Long Fails to Appear For Hearing Before Justice McNeal. TOWANDA, Mar. 14-When W. B.

Long, former proprietor of the New Park Hotel in Towanda, failed to appear yesterday afternoon before Justice of the Peace D. A. McNeal, his bail was ordered forfeited. The bail was $500, which was given at the time be was arrested by Constable George Emery. He was arrested on a charge of giving Miles Towner of Towanda, his landlord, a check for $130 with no funds in the bank to cover it.

District Attorney Rosenfield, who is prosecuting for the commonwealth, said yesterday afternoon that he had learned that other "rubber" checks had been passed out to local merchants by Mr. Long recently. Additional charges may be lodged against him. Mr. Long is at present in Scranton, it is said.

FOR RENT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET FOR RENT--Three furnished rooms, 520 Clark Street, Waverly, 12 M3t FOR RENT--Large sleeping room, 513 South Elmer Avenue. 14 M6t. UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET FOR RENT -Suite of four large rooms, first floor, inside toilet, electric lights. $13 per month. Call C.

C. West, 20-X, 16Jtf FOR RENT- -Unfurnished rooms. 507 Maple street. 13 M3t LAND FOR RENT FOR RENT-In Sayre. Five acres suitable for market.

gardening. L. N. Smiley, Athens, Pa. Phone 516M.

12M3t FOR RENT -Canfield farm 011 West Hill, on shares. Inquire 501 Waverly street, Waverly. WANTED WANTED--Young man to learn business. F. W.

Woolworth Co WANTED--Work by hour or day by woman. 701 Desmond, Athens. WANTED--Kitchen range, with reservoir. Phone Waverly 10-F-5. WANTED -Draying with team.

Long and short distance trucking. Cellars to dig, grading and garden plowing. Phone Sayre 213-Y. 13M3tWANTED Light and heavy fowls for market. Phone 153-A Terry Bros.

13M3t Woman wants work by. day cr hour. Phone 433-Y. WANTED One horse lumber wagon. State condition and price.

Box A. Evening Times. 12 WANTED--Painting, Paperhanging. Wall-paper at all prices. Samples displayed in your home.

Brown, 178, Waverly. Wed. WANTED -All kinds of live poultry. R. D.

Beach, East Smithfield. Phone 9-B. 10 M6t WANTED -All kinds of trucking. H. H.

Martin, 125 Moore street, Waverly. Phone 563. 10 SALESMEN WANTED BEGINNER MAKES $1,500 IN 4 MONTHS BY NEW CHAIN SELLING SYSTEM W. H. Schoen.

with no previous paint experience, 9a11ed $1,500 with 118 in 4 months last summer. This year he 13 averaging $90 a week. thanks to remarkable naw "chnin" sell; 111 method. MILLION DOLT AT paint fate. tory can use a.

fair more enerzetic salesmen. We sell roof. ing. paints, varnishes. easy credit terns--at whole.

salo prices direct to hom: urs. factories, dairies, Casn commission, paid daily in advance. Roofing pays $24 a barrel. Average paint order pays $16. If you want a permanent.

repeating opportunity and chance to earn 21. years 111 come in the next months. write Immediately--state territory, references, experience. ff any. Outfit free complete instructions.

PROGRESS PAINT CO. Dept. G-10, Cleveland, Ohio. DRIVER INJURED WHEN MILK TRUCK IS HIT BY TRAIN, Austin Haven of Columbia Cross Roads Suffers Broken Nose and Bruises; Car Is Demolished on Vickery Cross1 ing COLUMBIA CROSS ROADS. March Haven of this place suffered a broken nose, and bruises about the face and body yesterday morning when a truck be was driving was struck by a Pennsylvania railroad freight train at the Vickery crossing.

Mr. Haven was on his way to the Dairymen's League plant here with a load of milk. The truck was demolished and the milk cans scattered for some distance. He was taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter Gates where he received medical ment.

Some years ago his son was forced to jump from a wagon 10 avoid being hit by a train at the same crossing. ADDITIONAL ATHENS CHILD WELFARE IS SUBJECT AT MILAN W. C. T. U.

MEETING Topics relative to the interests of the Child Welfare and Mothers department were discussed' at the meeting of the Milan W. C. T. U. held yesterday at the home of Mrs.

Jennett Page The meeting opened with the singing of "Some Glad Day," followed by a scripture lesson by Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves reading James 1:1:2. A prayer was given by the president, and short business session, held after which Mrs. Jennett Page, director of the Child Welfare and Mothers department presented the following program: "Fledged With Wine," Mrs. Jennett Page; "A Littie Childs Prayer Answered," Mrs.

Walters; a reading by Mrs. Susie Page; "Katy Did, Katy Didn't," Mrs. Anna Case; "Nerves and Sleep," Mrs. Katherine Stowell; "Child Imagination," Mrs. Ciara.

Roberts: "Training a Child in Care of Books," Mrs. Sara Ward; "Armor Plated," Mrs. Edith Shores; "Why Do We Not Teach 'The Child to Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves; "Moping." Mrs. Olie Shores: a reading by Mrs.

Pruyne; "Fords for Growing Children," Mrs. Alice Cornaby. Refreshments were served by the hostess and a very enjoyable social hour held. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Katherine Stowell on April 9.

GIVEN SURPRISE PARTY Mrs. Leo Hunsinger and Mrs. Nora Ross were guests at a double surprise birthday party held In their honor at Mrs. Ross's home on South Main street last The evening was spent games and music. and at a late hour refreshments were served Mrs.

Ross and Mrs. Hunsinger. both received several nice gifts from their friends. Those present included: Mr. and Mrs.

Elmer Hunsinger, Mr. and, Mrs. Arthur Fisk, and. children, Marel and Al: ton; Mr. and Mrs.

Howard Betts. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hunsinger and children, Leon and Doris, Mr. and Mrs.

Irving Phillipson, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Billings and daughter Charlotte, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rogers and daughter, Sarah, Mr.

and Mrs. Leo Hunsing. er and Mrs. Nora Ross of Athens; and Misses Lorena Hunsinger and Alice Lake and George Gardner and Paul Phyne of Montrose, Pa. BOARD DISCUSS CONTRACTS New contracts for teachers were discussed at a special meeting of the Athens school board held in the high school office yesterday afternoon.

A new contract was adapted and questions pertaining to next year's teachers were decided. Athens Personals Athens Personals Mr. and Mrs. Hairy Scheffer of Johnson City are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

Vern Sloat on Church street. Bert Loomis of West Pine street is spending a few days in WilkesBarre on business. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Shumway and children.

Joanne and Charles of Sibley. Michigan, are spending a few days with relaItives here, TOWANDA TEACHERS DOWN TROJAN FIVE Faculty Team Evens Things Up With Visitors 32-29 William Moore, Alias F. C. Day, Who Is Said to Have Defrauded Towandians, Is Nabbed in Corning, N. Y.

TOWANDA, March 14-William Moore, alias F. C. Day, an "honest and affable farmer," charged with passing two worthless checks in (Towanda business places on Tuesday, has been arrested at Coraling, N. by C. G.

Burnett of the New York State Police. The arrest was made there the day after he is said to have passed checks forged with the name C. Day' made out 011 the First National Bank of Towanda. The farmer first appeared at the Auto Supply store of W. A Her.

man here. He said be wanted to buy an auto tire and would take two it the price was right according to Mr. Herman. Mr showed him a pair of tires, which he said he would buy, but would leave for his wife to call for the following morning. But Day" wished to pay for them himself at Ithe time, so he proffered a check made out to cash on the First.

Na tional Bank, Mr. Hermaa said. Mr. Herman cashed the check. giving $16 in change.

When the next day no wife appeared to claim the tires, Mr. Herman became suspicious and wept to the bank, where he found the check was worthless, he says. The same day, the farmer is said to bave appeared at the Day. ton Milk, and to have discussed purchase of some feed. He wanted the best there was and made arrangements to call for it the next day, and proffered a check for $30 in payment, according to the police.

The clerk in making change handed him $7.50, which was a dollar too much. The farmer noticed this immediately, and saying he did not want to cheat the firni, affably passed back the extra dollar. The check was signed F. C. Day as was Mr.

Herman's. The farmer then passed out of the picture and the feed he had purchased remained the next day on the platform at the mill, awaiting a claimer. The stranger went to Wellsboro, where he is said to have worked the same game later to Corning where he was apprehended. At the time of his arrest check books ou banks In Towanda, Bingham ton, Hornell, Cortland, Wellsville, Freedonia, and Owego were found in his possession. A check signed W.

C. Day, drawn on the First tional Bank here, was in the book. Moore, the police say, is an old offender. He has served two terms in Auburn prison and a term each in the Erie and Monroe county jails. At present he is on parole FOUND FOUND--Black and white spotted female hound.

Phone 213-Y, Sayre. MISCELLANEOUS Am prepared to launder all kinds of curtains. 215 William Phone 179-J, William Waverly. Cash for false teeth, dental gold, discarded jewelry, plationm, diamonds. Send to R.

Uhler: 207 Jefferson avenue, Brooklyn, N. RADIO Radio Service, day or night. Call Georgia's Radio Shop, Waverly, 530. M4tf Storage space for rent. Inquire D.

M. Handrick Son. Waverly Phone 358. 2Jif NEED MONEY QUICKLT: Come In. Write or 'Phone.

it you Need up 14 $3001 Quick. Courteous Service. Personal Finance Co. of Sayre 237 Desmond St. 1 Mt Fuller -Sales and service.

Call C. J. Horton. Waverly. 12M41 It's all free, a wonderful educational display at J.

W. Knapp's Hardware store. 317 Broad seet. Waverly, N. Y.

March 11th to 17th inclusive. Come in ani investi gate. Be prepared for a position in the new automobile industry.12 Mot Toilets and cesspools built and cleaned very cheap. Phone 179-A. Plumbing, Tinning, Heating-Let me quote you on your needs.

No job too big and none too small. Give me a trial. George A. Wilson. Phone 393.

538 Fulton Waverly, N. Y. TOWANDA, March 14-The To wanda high school faculty court team evened matters up with the Troy high teachers on the local court last night when they' won" a fast game by a score of 32 to 29. The Trojan faculty had won a pre vious game at Troy. There was plenty of' good bas ketball on exhibition in the game which drew quite a crowd.

The work of Glenn Raffensperger and Hob Wagner, forwards, for the lo cal teachers featured the tilt. tensperger led the scoring with 20 points by way of seven field goals and six fouls. Deemy led Troy with 11 points via field goals and a foul. Troy took an early lead, -but shortly before the first quarter ended Towanda forged ahead! to lead 9 to 5. In the second quarter Troy came back and tied the score and the two teams ran neck and neck for a time, but Towanda again forged ahead and led at the half, 19 to 15.

The third quarter saw the locals increase their lead being ahenc van 26 to 19 as the period ended. The last quarter saw Troy rally in the closing minutes, but the lead the Towanda teachers had was too great to overcome. In a preliminary game the Junior High school team defeated the 8th grade five. 17 to 8. Doug Brown of Wyalusing matched wits with the teachers in the main go, blowing the whistle, while Steve Webster refereed the preliminary game.

The score: Towanda goal fouls, total! G. Raffensperger, 7 20 Wagner, 3 2 8 Trimmer, ca Sheffey, 0 Campbell, 0 J. Raffensperger, g. 0 1928 1928 1927 1926 1926 1926 1928 1925 1927 1926 1925 1925 32 Troy goals foul totals McCabe, 1 3 Thomas, 5 10 Deemy, c. 5 1 11 Harrington, Crumbling, 5, 1 3 29 TOWANDA AND ATHENS TO WIND UP COURT SEASON TONIGHI TOWANDA, March 14--The Towanda high school court teams will close the season tonight 01 the local court in a pair of games with the Athens high school passers.

The girl's game, which brings together the champions of the R. T. L. and S. V.

I. A. loops for the season is expected to be especially good The two teams tied in their previous game at Athens. CHARGE HOOVER WITH PASSING BAD CHECKS TOWANDA, March with having passed a number of worthless checks on Clarence Jakway, proprietor of the Mecca gas station here, a man giving the name of Ethyl Hoover was arrested near Herrickville yesterday by Troopers Worden Baytor and Fred of the local state police. The checks, totaling about $60 are said to have been passed last June and the police have been seeking Hoover since that time.

He was located at the farm of Minor Hoover yesterday and was brought to Towanda late in the afternoon. This morning Hoover was ar. raigned before Justice of the Peace D. A. McNeal.

He entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of forgery and waved th-e bear ing, Justice McNeal held him for the May term of court in $2,000 bail. As he was unable to secure the bail he was taken back to the county jail. MONROETON BOARD OF HEALTH ORGANIZES MONROETON, March Monroeton Board of -Health beld its organization meeting last nigbt at the First National Bank. J. Waller Keyser was named president: Mrs.

C. G. Summers, secretary; Fred W. Place, health officer and Dr. John F.

Haines, health physician. The members of the board are J. Walter Keyser, Mrs. C. G.

Summers, Dr. John F. Haines. C. H.

Maryott and Mrs. J. L. Rockwell..

The Evening Times from Sayre, Pennsylvania (2024)


How much is evening times? ›

Evening generally starts around 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM and can continue until around 10:00 PM or later, although again, different people might have slightly different definitions.

When was Sayre Pennsylvania founded? ›

Sayre, Pennsylvania
Incorporated (borough)1891
24 more rows

How much is evening time? ›

Time Difference Between Afternoon and Evening
Time of DayTime Frame
noon/midday12:00 p.m.
afternoon12:00 – 5:00 p.m.
evening5:00 – 9:00 p.m
twilight5:00 – 7:00 a.m. and p.m.
3 more rows
Dec 5, 2022

What time is evening start and end? ›

Evening takes place between the hours of 6pm - 9pm. It lasts from the time the sun sets, and can be marked by twilight or dusk.

What times include evening? ›

Late- afternoon: 3-6 p.m. Evening: 6-9 p.m. Late at night: Midnight-6 a.m. Toward morning: 3-6 a.m.

Is the evening 5 or 6? ›

Start time

The Encyclopædia Britannica defines evening as varying according to daylight and lifestyle, but says that many people consider it to begin at 4 p.m. In a social context, the Oxford English Dictionary defines evening as "the time from about 6 p.m., or sunset if earlier".

Is 4 considered evening? ›

Afternoon 12:01 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Late afternoon 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Early evening 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Dusk around sunset Evening 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

What is legally considered evening? ›

Evening means after 6 p.m. and prior to midnight on a day.


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