Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (2024)

Terraria is a game you must learn as you play, making it difficult to determine what equipment works best for different classes. The Summoner archetype specializes in conjuring Minions to take damage for them, making them great at farming enemies and multitasking. Recent updates have changed some of their best tools, making it harder to determine their best gear as a primary or hybrid class.

The versatility of the Summoner's skills makes the class useful as either your primary archetype or one you choose as a secondary for a hybrid build. The best Summoner Minions in Terraria complement a variety of character abilities and weapon skills you might use. Stacking the effects of certain equipment for the Summoner could help form some of your strongest character ideas yet.


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10 Summoner Emblem

Increase Your Minion Damage

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (2)

The Summoner Emblem is an item that increases the damage dealt by your Minions by 15%, giving them better ways to fight alongside you against various enemies. The Wall of Flesh boss drops this item, but you may have to defeat it multiple times to get the Emblem. Once you have this piece of equipment in Terraria, you can upgrade it to create an even more powerful version.

The upgraded version of the Summoner Emblem can be great for the start of Hardmode since you will need all the extra power you can get to survive the higher difficulty.

Using five souls of Might, Sight, and Fright with the Summoner Emblem turns the item into the stronger Avenger Emblem. This equipment grants 12% increased damage to all weapons, making the Summoner's best weapons in Terraria even better for taking on tough enemies and bosses. However, this enhancement should only be used if your character build relies more on weapons than Minions.

9 Flask of Fire

Burn Enemies To A Crisp

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (3)

The Flask of Fire is a consumable item that you can use to apply a buff to the whip weapon typically wielded by the Summoner class. You need to have an Imbuing Station to create this item from the selection of concoctions available before starting Hardmode. While many flasks are made from materials only found in Hardmode, you only have to use one Bottled Water and three Hellstoneto craft a Flask of Fire.

Imbuing Stations are fairly easy to purchase from the Witch Doctor NPC for 7 Gold once you can access their wares in Terraria. Applying the Flask of Fire to your weapons will give it the ability to inflict the "On Fire!" debuff on any enemy you strike. This status condition prevents enemies from regenerating their health and causes them to lose life per second for a short duration of time in Terraria.

8 Flask of Venom

Buy Cheap Poison For Your Enemies

Another useful flask to make from the Imbuing Station is the Flask of Venom, which can be easily made from 5 Vials of Venom and one Bottled Water. Vials of Venom are cheap items you can buy from the Witch Doctor for 15 Silver each, making this flask a cheaper piece of equipment for the Summoner. Similar to the Flask of Fire, the Flask of Venom buffs your weapon, giving it an extra property when hitting enemies.

The Witch Doctor NPC and their shop become available once you defeat the Plantera boss, so make sure to take this enemy down quickly to have access to this useful Summoner equipment.

Imbuing a weapon with a Flask of Venom lets it deal the "Venom" debuff to enemies whenever you land a melee strike. Much like "On Fire!," this prevents enemies from regenerating health, but "Venom" hurts more by dealing 30 damage per second to enemies. As you can see in the above video by YouTube creator BlueEvan13_, this effect lasts for around 15 minutes and doesn't go away if your character dies.

7 Summoning Potion

Gain Another Minion

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (4)

The Summoning Potion is made from one Bottled Water, one Variegated Lardfish, and one Moonglow Flower at the Alchemy Table, a place located in the elusive Dungeon area. This place can only be accessed when you defeat the Skeletron boss in pre-Hardmode. This potion, much like Flasks, is a consumable item that applies a buff to you rather than one of your weapons in Terraria wielded by your character.

This Potion lasts for 8 minutes and gives you an extra Minion slot, allowing you to have an extra ally. While the ingredients may be difficult to find, this is a useful item for the Summoner archetype, especially if you have other equipment buffing your Minion damage or health. The Alchemy Table has a 33% chance of not using ingredients while making a Potion, so you may get lucky and be able to make this item more than once.


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6 Bewitching Table

Increase Your Total Minion Capacity

As you can see in the above video by YouTube creator Edward, the Bewitching Table is another great piece of equipment that generates extra Minions for your Summoner. This item acts as a piece of furniture you can right-click to apply a powerful buff to your character. The "Bewitched" bonus applied by this Table increases your Minion Capacity by 1 for 10 minutes, giving you more fighters or fodder​​​​​.

Having both the Bewitching Table and Summoner Potion as equipment lets you have an army of Minions along with the slots given to them by their armor or other accessories. With new items from the final update to Terraria, you can make your Minions even stronger on top of having them in greater numbers. The buff from the Table doesn't require anything other than for you to click on it, making it an easy bonus to activate often.

5 Pygmy Necklace

Get An Old Item With Less Requirements

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (6)

Before the different updates to Terraria, the Pygmy Necklace was an equipment piece that you could only acquire when you had the Pygmy Staff in your inventory. You also needed to have defeated the Plantera boss, but now you can buy this item from the Witch Doctor. Whenever it is night, you can visit the Witch Doctor and purchase the Necklace for 20 Gold without having to complete any other step.

The Pygmy Necklace gives you an additional Minion slot, similar to the Bewitching Table and Summoner Potion mentioned earlier. However, this Necklace applies a permanent buff rather than one that only lasts for a certain amount of time in Terraria. As long as you wear the Necklace in an accessory slot, you will always have the ability to summon one more Minion than usual.

4 Feral Claws

Make Your Weapon Strike Faster

The Feral Claws item is a piece of equipment that buffs your whip, increasing your weapon speed by 12% when placed in one of your character's accessory slots. Your whip also auto-swings when used, meaning you only have to hold down the mouse button to continuously use your weapon rather than clicking to attack every time. This gives you more chances to divert your attention to other actions besides simply attacking.

This equipment is found around the environment in Jungle Crates, Bramble Crates, and Ivy Chests as you explore specific world seeds in Terraria. The Jungle Biome has the highest chance to drop the Feral Claws, so try and search for the accessory in this region. This pre-Hardmode item is easy to find and can be upgraded into even better accessories, making it a must-have for early Summoner builds.

For those looking for the best world seeds to find the Feral Claws, check out the above video by YouTube creator Luprik for some tips and tricks on how to adjust your world to increase the chances of finding this accessory!


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3 Papyrus Scarab

Combine Other Items Into Great Equipment

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (8)

Once you defeat the Plantera boss, you can obtain the Papyrus Scarab equipment by crafting it from other useful Summoner items. First, head to the Witch Doctor and buy the Hercules Beetle for 40 Gold. This equipment increases your Minion damage by 15% and increases the knockback applied by your Minions, but the real reason you'll want this item is to use it in a crafting recipe for the Scarab.

During the Pumpkin Moon event, your Summoner can obtain the Necromantic Scroll dropped by Mourning Wood enemies for an item that gives you another Minion slot. This equipment also increases Minion damage by 10%, but the main purpose of this item should be to bring it to the Tinkerer's Workshop with the Hercules Beetle. Putting these two items together forms the Papyrus Scarab in Terraria.

The Scarab gives you 15% more Minion damage, one extra Minion slot, and increased Minion knockback against enemies. This item is far stronger than the Hercules Beetle or Necromantic Scroll and only uses up one accessory slot in Terraria. Having more space for other accessories gives you more freedom to apply other bonuses to your character without having to use two that are Summoner-specific.

2 Celestial Stone

Greatly Increase Weapon Damage And Speed

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (9)

Another helpful accessory for the Summoner is the Celestial Stone, which can be crafted from a Moon Stone and Sun Stone collected from different sources. The Moon Stone can be collected from a defeated Vampire enemy during a Solar Eclipse Event, but the Sun Sone is only dropped by a Golem boss in the Jungle Temple. Both Stone ingredients have their effects, but the Moon Stone's only applies at night.

The Celestial Stone increases all weapon damage by 10% and increases whip speed by 10% without any restrictions on when this bonus activates. Once again, having only one item take up an accessory slot gives you more space to equip other items for your character in Terraria.

You could take the Celestial Stone and combine it with the Moon Shell to create the Celestial Shell for extra effects, but this item only works when your character is in Werewolf form or when it is dark in the overworld.

1 Fire Gauntlet

Inflict Hellfire On Your Enemies

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Equipment (10)

The Fire Gauntlet is the final form of the Feral Claws after many combinations with other items, starting with the Titan Glove accessory dropped by Mimic enemies in Hardmode. Combine the Titan Glove with the Feral Claws to get the Power Glove, which has everything the Claws have with increased range. The next step should be to put the Power Glove together with the Avenger Emblem to make the Mechanical Glove item.

The Mechanical Glove has increased melee damage and knockback, along with all the previous stat growths from the items that came before. When paired with the Magma Stone accessory dropped by Bat enemies in the Underworld region, you can finally make the Fire Gauntlet. This item carries all the buffs from all the past equipment, but there are a few new tricks this item brings to your Summoner character.

For starters, the Fire Gauntlet has increased knockback, damage, attack speed, and improves the size of your weapon. This item also inflicts the "Hellfire" status condition, a variant of "On Fire!" that deals more DPS over time to enemies. By turning on auto speed for your whip as well, this tool easily becomes the best piece of equipment for the Summoner class in Terraria through the combination of every benefit.

Source: BlueEvan13_/YouTube, Edward/YouTube, Luprik/YouTube

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