Martin CEO-9 - Mango Sunset Burst (2024)

6-string Acoustic Guitar with Solid Curly Mango Top, Back, and Sides; Mahogany Neck, and Ebony Fingerboard - Mango Sunset Burst

Item ID: CEO9

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Martin CEO-9 - Mango Sunset Burst

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Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future

Showcasing top, back, and sides of toneful, gorgeously figured solid curly mango, the CEO-9 is reminiscent of Martin's slope-shoulder acoustic guitars from the company's pre-WWII "Golden Era," with the notable exception of its 14th-fret neck join. The sloped-shoulder 00 body style offers a sound that is focused in the midrange for a dynamic, powerful tone with complex overtones. Tasteful vintage-inspired appointments — including a comfortable modified V-profile neck, ebony fingerboard with Style 42 Snowflake inlays, copper open-gear tuners, and lovely gloss mango sunset burst finish — honor Martin's rich legacy while looking to the future. Here at Sweetwater, we loved the Martin CEO-9 the first time we played it. If you're looking for a vintage-style acoustic with modern playability, the Martin CEO-9 should be right up your alley.

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Rich Golden Era heritage

Martin guitars from the company's pre-World War II Golden Era are some of the most prized and coveted instruments on the planet. The CEO-9 embodies the spirit of those classic guitars with top-grade solid tonewoods and period-correct touches. The sound is rich yet detailed, with incredible focus and balanced tonality. And the playability is flawless, thanks to Martin's exceptional level of craftsmanship and Plek Pro fret treatment. To certify its authenticity, each CEO-9 includes a label signed by Chris Martin IV and numbered in sequence.

Martin CEO-9 - Mango Sunset Burst (3)

Martin CEO-9 - Mango Sunset Burst (4)

Plek'd to perfection

Premium Martin guitars like the CEO-9 are Plek'd for fret consistency and smoothness. Plek Pro is a state-of-the-art, computer-guided process that scans, levels, and dresses your guitar's frets to a microscopic level of accuracy for ideal action with no loss of sustain, minimized fret buzz, and no fretting out when bending strings, whether you're playing low or high on the neck. The CEO-9's Plek'd frets ensure that every note in every position rings loud and clear with unblemished tone.

The CF Martin legacy

What hasn't been said about the CF Martin company? Martin — a name virtually synonymous with the acoustic guitar — took root in the United States in 1833 with a little shop in lower Manhattan. Five years later, Christian Frederick Martin moved his business and family to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, where Martin has been located ever since. From the dreadnought body shape to the 14-fret neck, Martin innovations paralleled (and indeed, drove) the development of the acoustic guitar itself. When you play any Martin guitar, you're holding a piece of music history.

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Martin CEO-9 Acoustic Guitar Features:

  • Curly mango top, back, and sides; gloss finish
  • Adirondack spruce scalloped X-bracing
  • Multi-stripe rosette; antique white binding
  • Faux tortoise pickguard
  • Mahogany neck, Modified V with Standard Taper profile; satin finish
  • Bound ebony fingerboard, 16" radius, 42 snowflake inlays
  • 24.9" scale length; 20 frets
  • Ebony bridge, compensated bone saddle, Liquidmetal pins
  • 1.75" bone nut; vintage copper open-gear tuners
  • Dual-action truss rod

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Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 10CEO9

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Martin CEO-9 - Mango Sunset Burst (2024)


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