Crafting Recipes & Alchemy (2024)


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Crafting Recipes & Alchemy (2)

One of the most prevalent mechanics in the game is crafting. Recipes can be learned through experimentation or other means such as learning via dialogue. Some recipes can be made anywhere at anytime, while others require a crafting station, campfire, or cauldron.


  • 1 Utility Recipes
    • 1.1 Non-Station Recipes
    • 1.2 Crafting Station Recipes
  • 2 Food Recipes
    • 2.1 Known Boosts:
    • 2.2 Non-Campfire Recipes
    • 2.3 Campfire Recipes
  • 3 Alchemy
  • 4 Notes/Trivia

Utility Recipes[]

These are recipes that are not used to produce food or potions.

Non-Station Recipes[]

  • Wood - 3 Sticks
  • Pure Iron, Gold, Erisore, Irithine - 3x of that ore
  • Sticks (3x) - 1 Wood
  • Campfire - 3 Sticks/1 Wood
  • Fiber - 2 Bamboo Shoots/1 Spider Egg
  • Cloth - 3 Fiber
  • Flint - 1 Coal, 1 Rock
  • Umbral Flint - 1 Coal, 1 Umbral Obsidian
  • Bullets (20x) - 1 Iron
  • Chum - 2 Fish Meat/ 2 Crustacean Meat/ 1 Pufferfish
  • Monster Bait - (Can be obtained from Mortus) 2/3 Chum
  • Void Feather - 3 Dark Feather(s), 1 Umbral Obsidian
Crafting Recipes & Alchemy (3)

Crafting Station Recipes[]

  • Canteen - 1 Beeswax, 1 Calabash
  • Glider (Requires Glider Schematic) - 2 Sticks, 2 Cloth
  • Sharkscale Glider (Requires Glider Schematic) - 2 Sticks, 2 Megalodaunt Hide
  • Lumber Axe - 2 Wood, 2 Iron
  • Pickaxe - 2 Wood, 2 Iron
  • Fishing Rod - 2 Stick, 1 Fiber
  • Repair Kit - 3 Iron, 2 wood
  • Iron Bomb - 2 Iron, 1 Coal - (can be obtained through quest) 2 Iron, 1 Coal
  • Flask of Strength - 2 Hellfire Lotus
  • Flask of Fortitude - 2 Empyrean Lotus
  • Flask of Agility - 2 Zephyr Lotus
  • Flask of Intelligence - 2 Brilliant Lotus
  • Flask of Willpower - 2 Skyvalor Lotus
  • Flask of Charisma - 2 Miasmic Lotus

Food Recipes[]

Main Article - FoodRecipes that satiate Hunger and Thirst levels.

Certain foods grant a Food Buff, indicated by a colored food bar and a description when hovering over the colored bar. Only one food buff can be active at a time.

Known Boosts:[]

  • "You feel your wounds closing up..." This buff significantly increases the user's health regeneration speed.
  • "You feel as if you could go longer without food..." = This buff significantly decreases the user's starvation speed.
  • "Your magic feels stronger..." = This buff increases the user's mantra damage.
  • "Your weapons feel stronger..." = This buff increases the user's melee damage.
  • "You feel ether surging into you..." = This buff increases the user's ether regeneration speed.
  • "You feel quicker on your feet..." = This buff increase the user's movement speed

Keys: [V] - Vegetarian, [C] - Carnivore - [G] - Generic (Both can eat) - [N] - Neither

Non-Campfire Recipes[]

  • [G] Noodles - 1 Egg, 2 Gathered Wheat
  • [G] Redd Juice - 3 Redd
  • [V] Fruit Salad - 3 Unique fruits. (example: 1 Pomar, 1 Plumfruit, 1 Redd; increases heal rate)
  • [C] Sushi - 1 Fish Meat, 1 Seaweed Bundle
  • [G] Grilled Cheese - 1 Cheese, 1 Bread
  • [C] Crab Pizza - 1 Crustacean Meat, 1 Bread, 1 Cheese
  • [C] Kyrsdog - 1 Bread, 1 Frozen Membrane, 1 Ongo

Campfire Recipes[]

  • [V] Mushroom Soup - 2 different mushrooms, 1 from each kind. (example: 1 Gobletto, 1 Browncap)
  • [N] Mushroom Bisque - Any Mushroom + Crustacean Meat
  • [G] Bread - 3 Gathered Wheat
  • [C] Omelette - 2 Eggs
  • [C] Cooked Egg - 1 Egg
  • [N] Mushroom Omelette - 2 Eggs 1 Mushroom (Any) (Increased weapon damage)
  • [C] Fish Omelette - 1 Fish Meat, 2 Eggs (Buffs Mantra damage)
  • [V] Sticky Bun - 1 Sap, 3 Gathered Wheat (Makes your ether regen faster.)
  • [C] Cooked Fish Meat - 1 Fish Meat
  • [G] Plumfruit Muffin - 1 Plumfruit, 1 Gathered Wheat
  • [V] Fruit Cake - 2 Unique Fruits, 1 Gathered Wheat
  • [V] Dried Seaweed - 1 Seaweed Bundle
  • [V] Candied Fruit - 1 Pomar/Calabash or 2 of any other fruit, 1 Sap (Buff: Enchant)
  • [C] Urchin Stew - 3 Urchin
  • [C] Seafood Surprise - 1 Squid, 1 Fish Meat, 1 Urchin OR 1 Crustacean Meat
  • [C] Seafood Boil - 1 Squid, 1 Fish Meat, 1 Crustacean Meat (Reduces hunger loss)
  • [C] Fish Stew - 1 Squid, 1 Fish Meat OR 1 Seaweed, 2 Fish Meat
  • [C] Calamari - 1 Squid, 1 Gathered Wheat
  • [C] Glazed Fish - 1 Fish Meat, 1 Sap (Increased weapon damage)
  • [C] Sauteed Scallops - 2 Scallops
  • [G] Cake - 1 Egg, 3 Gathered Wheat, 1 Sap (Grants increased speed)


Main Article - Alchemy

The potions listed in this section will all work, though there are some inaccuracies and not all effects are listed. For the most accurate known information, use the main page.

Potions are made with the use of a cauldron. One can be found in Etris, right of the guild house and up the mountain, one in the Summer Isles, and another in the Greathive in the archives. Both are working and the Greathive cauldron was fixed.

  • Alchemy Chart created by bobbio76#2916
  • The name of a potion is split into two parts. The first word indicates its effect, and the second indicates potency and purpose.
  • Adding more of one ingredient to a single ingredient potion adds to it's strength. You can add up to 3.
  • For the purpose of noting them down, unless it goes by a different title the after name Potion is used to remove confusion. Please do not note down potions with different final names, there is no use:) (Edits by Malcolm#0572, contact me if you find any new potions or have questions, I've fixed this page up a lot)
  • The effectiveness of potions scales with your Intelligence stat, as well as being improved with 3 talents: Apothecary (stronger beneficial potions), Exterminator (stronger negative potions) and Wild Alchemy (Has a chance to double the potion you’re mixing).
Potion NameIngredientsEffectAdditional Notes
Heartening Remedy
  • 3 Bluecaps
  • Returns some sanity


  • Deals minor damage instantly.
  • The damage value of this potion does not scale with potency.
Invigorating Elixir
  • 2-3x Goblettos
  • Buffs regeneration.


  • Slight slowing effect.
  • Excellent early-game healing.
  • Overall best healing potion and easiest to make, recommended for all players.
Focus-Enhancing Elixir < Focus-Enhancing PotionElixir:
  • 2x Browncap
  • 2-3x Gathered Wheat


  • 2x Plumfruit
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Gobletto
  • Rapidly regenerates Ether over time.(Due to the wheat)
    • Deals a bit of damage instantly. (Because of the browncaps)
  • Great for casters.
  • It's only regenerating ether due to the wheat, there has to be a secondary effect.
  • Seems to also remove Reservoir more than normal.
Icky Bane
  • 2x Redd
  • Grants Instant Healing. (When thrown)


  • Drains Ether over time.
  • Excellent early-game healing.
  • Not reccomended for use during PVP & PVE due to Ether drain.
  • With Apocracy it Heals 10%, without is 5%.
  • Seems to drain 40% ether on use, could be number specific rather then percent specific.
  • You only need 2 to make the best verison of the potion.
Soothing Potion < Soothing Tincture
  • 2-3x Dentifillos
  • Reservoir Gain, 10% gained per potion
  • Much better when splashed as it doesn't use up potion cd for better potions.
  • Mostly used for PVP, you shouldn't be running out of Reservoir during PVE.
Disgusting Bane
  • 2-3x Browncaps
  • Deals damage
  • Best used when thrown.
  • Reccomended for PVP and PVE.
  • Primarily for chip and crowd damage; It does not do a lot nor has any secondary effect. In fact, does about twice the damage of the other potions noted to deal damage. But, it can't be blocked and can be used from angles that don't put the user at risk.
Dulling Blight < Dulling Potion
  • 2-3x Gathered Wheat
  • Ether Regen
  • Great for Pvp since it works well without Reservoir.
  • Seems to drain Reservoir a lot but that could just be an effect of the regen rather then a negitive downside.
Steadfast Potion
  • 2-3x Calabash
  • Ether Drain
  • Best used in PvP since it can drain the whole bar if 3 are used.
  • Works both thrown and drinken.
  • Good potion to keep handy.
  • [Pretty sure this one removes "posture damage"]
  • (Add 2 Bamboo Bundles to drain reservoir)
Hastening Potion
  • 2-3x Pomars
  • Grants a speed bonus, lasts longer high level potion


  • Deals damage
  • The speed bonus also works in water, great for escapes.
  • No real downsides other than Pomar being hard to come by and it dealing damage.
Grueling Potion
  • 2-3x Plumfruits
  • Grants bonus attack damage with physical attacks
  • It's not very noticable when using light weapons but does deal extra damage [Tested it with a Enforcer Axe if anyones wondering]
  • Used to have a different name, was recently changed.
Staggering Potion
  • 2-3x Ongo
  • Lots more posture damage
  • Really good against people with shields
  • Did 7.5x posture damage, might be additive
  • 12% on a Targe to 90% on a Targe
  • Really OP, just hard to get
Appalling Potion
  • 2-3x Bamboo Bundle
  • Removes some ether instantly, about 10-20%.
  • It's not super effective in fights but it has its uses.
  • It seems to only be able to remove 10% with 3 Bundles. [May remove more with specific Talents]
Mindbreaking Bane
  • 2-3x Urchin
  • Inflicts Insanity
  • It does not give a lot of Insanity, although using one or getting hit by one will make your screen start going blue.


  • Potions can be thrown by pressing E. Make sure you don't splash yourself with anything dangerous.
  • It's always useful to bring a ton of invigorating elixirs, especially for solo progression.
  • If you drink a potion while it's on cooldown, you'll puke. Your cooldown is noted as the triangular bottle icon below health.
  • There are a few modifier ingredients you can add that are not listed here, such as redds, sticks, and beeswax. These can increase various effects. Making an invigorating elixer with 3 goblettos and 2 redds is excellent healing.
  • Due to being a generally useless item, the recipe and item Sack, has been removed from the game as of Jan 10, 2022. Its recipe used to be 3 Cloth.
  • The word "Elixir" comes from "al iksir", which is the Arabic word for miracle substances. Dating back to the third century BC.

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Crafting Recipes & Alchemy (2024)


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