415 North 7th Street, Ironton, OH 45638: Sales, Floorplans, Property Records (2024)

415 North 7th Street, Ironton, OH 45638



Burris Napoleon


Kingrey Christopher RKingrey Amanda G


$92,297by Wright-patt Credit Union Inc

Mortgage Due Aug 01, 2044

Sold Jan 18, 2002


Kingery Christopher R


415 North 7th Street has been categorized by the local assessors in Ironton, OH as a residential type of property.The building on the property was first built in 1920 and is 104 years old.The home has a total of 7 rooms. 3 of these rooms are legally considered as bedrooms.Residents will have access to 2 full bathrooms.There are 2 partial bathrooms in the home.The building has a total of 2 stories.In addition, 415 North 7th Street has 2,523 sqft of living area. The living area typically only takes into consideration the heated or air conditioned part of the building.Those looking for additional storage or space will be happy to hear that there is a building with no basem*nt that is 414 sqft. Please note, that typically the basem*nt, garage, and or porch square footage is not included in the calculations of the living area square footage.The linear feet between the front and back of the lot is 1,320 ft and across the front of the lot is 230 ft.The area measurement of the land has been determined as 5,236 square feet.Fans of architecture and design would be interested in knowing that the building on the property was built in a unknown style.

Want to learn more? We've sourced additional information from the local assessor's office that we've shared on this page with you.Residents will have the luxury of enjoying both a unknown and a unknown.Love to swim? You'll be excited to find out that there is a pool on the property.Moving on to the building itself. The condition of the building has been evaluated as average.Along the lines of building condition, did you know that weather changes can cause buildings to move? It may sound alarming, but thats why the type of control joints used in the construction of your home is extremely important. Architects often have to plan these out well in advance to ensure the longevity of the building. Therefore, as part of your consideration, you should note that the home was built with frame control joints.From what we've gathered, the quality of these control joints have been graded with a letter grade of C+ by the local assessor.The exterior walls of the building are made of a combination of material.The inside of the home is being cooled with central air conditioning at the moment.In terms of heating, it is utilizing a central heating system and being fueled with gas.There is a single fireplace in the home. Perfect for those wintery nights.Finally, the property is currently sourcing its water from a municipal system.It is connected to a municipal sewage system. Which is great for homeowners who don't want to worry about the responsibilities of handling a septic tank. Though, you may accrue additional fees to have your wastewater disposed.Here at RealtyHop, we've focused a lot of our efforts into gathering up-to-date and accurate data for our users.Based on our sources, 415 North 7th Street was last sold in Jul 24, 2014 for $94,000.According to our calculations, that's $32.01 per sqft.Prior to that sales transaction, the property was sold for $44,000 in Jan 18, 2002.Current property owners are expected to pay $1,123 in taxes per year.The property on 415 North 7th Street was last assessed in 2023.As a result of that assessment, the total value of the property was placed at $31,090.To break that down further, the land itself was valued at $2,590.While improvements to the property were assessed at a total of $28,500.Based on our records, the total assessed value for this property has been marked as less than the total market value as of this moment. Which is great for tax purposes.Are you already in the process of closing on a property and have signed a purchase agreement?You may want to consider locking in your current mortgage rate if interest rates have been rising or seem volatile.This is what's known in the market as a mortgage rate lock (aka rate protection).However, be sure to evaluate your situation carefully before you do so.There may be certain costs associated with taking this action and you'll want to time the start of your perfectly!This property is not listed for sale at this point in time but RealtyHop is constantly updating our inventory of available sales listings in real time. Don't want to miss out on this property? You can save the listing to your favorites by signing up for a RealtyHop account or you can check back frequently for updates.

This property description is generated based on publicly available data.

415 North 7th Street, Ironton, OH 45638: Sales, Floorplans, Property Records (2024)


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