17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (2024)

Dothan is a small city inAlabamathat is lovingly known as the “Peanut Capital of the World.”

There are several family-friendly places, museums, natural parks, adventurous attractions, and restaurants that you can visit while you’re there.

This beautiful location is known for its preserved historic buildings, awesome shopping, colorful art scene, and many things to do outdoors. Dothan is a top Tennessee destination to visit.

With so many amazing things to do in Dothan, it is no wonder travelers come from all over the country to enjoy time away with family and friends.

It is packed with lots of options for what to see, no matter what you are interested in! So, there is a lot to add to your vacation ideas.

How can you decide what tourist hotspots you will want to check out when you arrive in Dothan?

To help you out, here is our travel guide for 17 things to do and places to visit in Dothan that you should add to your bucket list.

Things To Do In Dothan

1. Dothan Landmark Park

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Carol M. Highsmith / Wikimedia Commons

Landmark Park is one of the best places to visit for a break from the heat and bustle of Alabama’s cities.

This incredible place is a 135-acre park that preserves the cultural and natural heritage of Alabama’s Wiregrass Region.

Visitors of all ages love the exhibits and programs that the park offers, like in their 1890s living history farm. Besides, the farm comes complete with an old farmhouse, a cane mill, a smokehouse, a syrup shed, and a range of farm animals like cows and pigs.

What an amazing place with a lot to offer!

Although, this historical site is very little however, beyond its size, it has everything to make visitors’ stay fun and memorable.

You will definitely end your visit by taking a walk in the park’s many nature trails or by viewing their wildlife exhibits for existing at no extra charge.

Moreover, aside from the fact that the admission fee is reasonable, the entire staff are well mannered and friendly. They are always ready to answer any questions any visitor will want to ask.

Interestingly, the building had QR codes to scan to learn more about them and there is a playground for the kids to play on while the adults take a break! Kids will also be served lots of ice cream and several other goodies.

At Landmark park, families can conveniently have picnics, it is such a great place for family time!

Their long nature trails and a trail that is a boardwalk are available to families to enjoy the adventure of walking at no extra charge!

Are you planning to visit Dothan? Remember to add this incredible place to your itinerary. There is so much to explore here!

Address:430 Landmark Dr, Dothan, AL 36302, United States.

2. Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (2)

Cvernon1 / Wikimedia Commons

Do you love nature?

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens is the right place to choose if you are coming to Dothan for unrestricted access to several beautiful flowers of various kinds.

This beautiful garden began in 1997 and it has 15 specialty gardens that focus on azaleas and many other flowers.

Besides, visitors who are interested in Southern history and heritage can explore the Southern Heirloom Garden.

Basically, it was created as a means of preserving plants from the past. In effect, some of these plants include; confederate jasmine, larkspur, and more.

Moreover, this ancient monumental site equally has boardwalks, walking paths, statues, preserved wilderness areas, water fountains, and so much more to enjoy.

If you want to take some stress off and want a place to enjoy, this is a nice place to spend an hour or so.

The quietness of the environment is what keeps driving visitors every year. There is a nice parking space and entertaining movies available to visitors at no cost.

The turtles, as well as the koi, including what will be displayed!

Not only that, paths are set up with thought and it is very easy to maneuver.

The admission fee is reasonable and the best you could ever think of! Very cheap at $5 admission charge will get you in for this fun-to-be place!

Certainly, the time of year you go plan to visit depends on the type of flowers you see. There is a tropical area, a rose garden, fern glade.

There is something for everyone, anytime! Every time!

Address:5130 Headland Ave, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

3. Adventureland

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Carterhawk / Wikimedia Commons

Are you thinking of where you can visit with friends and family within Dothan?

Think no further, Adventureland is the right place you need to visit with friends and family to come together and have a safe and fun day-filled adventure. It has everything from Golf Courses to bumper cars and other exciting sports that are sure to keep you and your family entertained.

This beautiful tourist attractive region has something to offer to visitors of all ages to have a wonderful time. You can go go-karting with your friends and family, or choose to Skee-ball. Besides, there is also a NASCAR game and a couple of batting cages.

However. the main attraction is the golf course with eighteen holes each, where you can enjoy yourself with your family, especially if you have kids.

Even if you get tired, you can always snack on some pizza, Dippin Dots, or even a hotdog, as they have a renowned snack bar to re-energize yourself at no extra cost.

Thrill-seekers can head to the go-kart track, while there is nothing better on a hot day than spending time out on the Bumper Floats. You can’t be left out here without getting fun to engage in!

Besides, the admission fee is reasonable and the owner and staff are wonderful, calm, and easy to associate with. They will lead you through the tour and provide answers to any questions you might want to ask.

Also, the parking space is beautiful, and spacious, security of vehicles is guaranteed.

Address: 3738 W Main St, Dothan, AL 36305, United States.

4. Dothan Water World

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (4)

Christopher Michel / Wikimedia Commons

Is your fear because of hot weather in Dothan during the summer?

Thankfully, the city has the perfect getaway for visitors looking to cool off, while also having some fun.

Water World is every bit as entertaining and thrilling as every visitor and inhabitant will expect from an aqua amusem*nt park.

The incredible region features a 450,000-gallon rip tidal wave pool with surges that can reach over 3 feet high, which is ideal for cooling off on a hot summer afternoon.

Aside from that, unwind and tan at the nearby “beach,” which has couches where visitors may recline while enjoying a refreshing beverage is available at no cost. What a place to visit!

Not just an area for adults, there is a dedicated kid-friendly wading pool, and slides are among the other attractions available for the kids.

You can rightly come with your kids. There is more to explore! Water World is every bit of fun and exciting as you would expect an aquatic adventure park to be.

Address:401 Recreation Rd, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

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5. Dothan Peanuts Around Town

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Peanuts Around Town / Facebook

Another place to visit for fun in Dothan is “Peanuts Around Town“. This incredible place is something that many restaurants and shops in downtown take part in.

Due to the fact that the city of Dothan is recognized for its thriving peanut business, several works of art are solely devoted to the humble peanut aesthetic sprinkled across the city.

The peanuts are all over town and in different outfits befitting the business or area. Along with the murals, which you do not mention they are a must-see when visiting Dothan.

The Tour to this incredible place is a wacky art show that involves decorating and painting a variety of peanut statues in various styles and figures.

Moreover, finding the peanuts is like a road scavenger hunt.

There are many peanuts to find ranging from one honoring Dothan’s renowned peanut merchant to one that resembles Elvis Presley.

To ease the process of finding them, you need not bother. There is a map that will aid the process of searching.

You can easily enjoy your stay by turning this into a game and seeing just how many you can discover.

Besides, along the trip, you will meet a variety of amusing and intriguing characters.

What a cute idea for the town! Finding the peanuts was like a road scavenger hunt. Their restaurant is top-notch. You can get any desired meal at a reasonable cost.

This is not a place you need to miss out on if you ever planned to visit Dothan. Do well to add this to your list of places you will visit.

The fun is better observed than being told!

Address: 1905 E Main St, Dothan, United States.

6. Dothan Wiregrass Museum of Art

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (6)

Upstateherd / Wikimedia Commons

Are you a lover of visual Art?

The Wiregrass Museum of Art is a must-visit for anybody who appreciates the visual arts.

It is an incredible location with a diverse range of exhibitions, permanent collections, and educational programs targeted at engaging visitors all over the world.

There are vantage opportunities for visitors to explore these pieces of artwork from the early 20th century to the present.

Aside from that, over 1,100 objects in the permanent collection, including works by Frank Stella, John Kelly Fitzpatrick, and other state and national artists, are available for visitors to explore at no extra cost. A free guide book, t.

Moreover, this amazing museum is available to visitors of all ages.

All visitors can view the stunning works of art on historic buildings, making them come to life with depth and color. Your kids will love it as well.

It would be nice to see them captivated by something other than their Fortnite game! The detail that went into each and every mural is just amazing! It will be worth an hour of your time!

Coming to Dothan without a clue of where to catch cool fun?,

Come and see these incredible arts that show the history and pride of the area.

It can take 15 minutes to see them, but to appreciate them, you can spend hours looking at them. It will be worth it!

Address:126 Museum Ave, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

8. George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (7)

Jessamyn / Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to learn about Africa-America history?

George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum is the best museum that can give you a living history of Africa-America history data glance. It is a creative cultural attraction that can be found in the heart of the city; Dothan.

The museum focuses on educating visitors all over the world on the amazing historical contributions that African Americans have made over time,

Besides, the exhibits follow a timeline that showcases how America has become the place it is today because of the dedication of these individuals.

These permanent exhibitions are titled Black Scientists, Inventors, and Explorers and Designing the World We Live In. There is equally a description that shows the significant contributions of all these to the American culture.

You need to come and have a look at this beautiful historical documentation.

This is a really worthwhile place to visit with children. It combines a cultural experience with interesting educational information. You need to bring them here to come and see what they have been reading in books!

Bring them to broaden their knowledge and learn about the world-famous Dr. George Washington Carver.

Above all, the museum staff are extremely knowledgeable and willing to share information about the exhibits that are available and the environment is always neat and well preserved.

We highly recommend you come to visit once you are right in Dothan, you will definitely love your do.

Address:305 N Foster St, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

9. Dothan Civic Center

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Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons

Another place on our list of places to visit for fun in Dothan is The Civic Center. This center that preserves an integral part of Dothan’s history became operative in 1975 and functions as a hub for business, culture, and leisure.

Interestingly, the 3,100-seat arena hosts a diverse range of events throughout the year.

Depending on when you are there, you will be able to catch sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and so much more.

The center is such an integral part of Dothan’s history and has been the base for many of its community events over the years.

If you are looking to host a special event or you want to catch some fun, you will not regret hosting it at the Dothan Civic Center.

Besides, their open karate event and the perfect environment will encourage you to bring more of your events in subsequent times!

Moreover, the environment is a very clean and beautiful place with covid-19 regulations in place with nice and modern bathrooms available for every visitor.

Not just that, the staff are friendly and accommodating. You wouldn’t wish to leave if you come to this incredible place.

Planning to host an event in this beautiful city of Dothan, Dothan Civic Centre should be your number one place!

Address:126 N St Andrews St #214, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

10. Dothan Taj Cafe and BBQ

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (9)

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Are you craving Indian, Greek, and Italian foods?

Taj Cafe and BBQ is a lovely restaurant with an international menu comprising Indian, Greek, and Italian foods.

This amazing place is a combination of a passion for good food and pleasing taste buds. Besides, the warm atmosphere and the welcoming receptionist are second to none!

The staff will make every visitor feel at home and feel relaxed.

Besides, their professional and knowledgeable kitchen staff will guide you to pick some of the most delicious food in Dothan to feast upon.

Interestingly, the setting of this cafe and BBQ center is contemporary and chic. Younger ones will surely enjoy their menu, including appetizers, soups, salads, bread, mains, desserts, and barbecue.

Their sizzling kabobs are a crowd favorite and are served fresh from being roasted in their clay tandoor oven. Do not miss this, If you are within Dothan, it will be fulfilled!

Taj Cafe and BBQ is a welcoming area, let this top your itinerary while coming to Dothan, it is highly recommended

Address:3102 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

11. Dothan Escape Dothan

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (10)

Escape Dothan

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping and adventurous activity?

Escape Dothan is the best location for you and your friends to enjoy adrenaline-pumping and adventurous activity. This is a beautiful place to go to if you are seeking an exhilarating and exciting funfilled activity.

You can always come with your buddies while in Dothan.

The escape room resembles a live-action video game that demands teamwork, critical thinking, and performance under pressure.

You and your friends will have one hour to identify clues, crack codes, and solve problems that will help you escape.

Consequently, there are four different room types to choose from; Bazaar Battle, the 13th Floor, Time Warp, and Murder at the Mansion, where you have to find out who murdered a wealthy businessman and why it happened.

There are four different room types to choose from. Amazing right? Yeah! Yo can choose from Bazaar Battle, the 13th Floor, Time Warp, and Murder at the Mansion.

There, you have to find out who murdered a wealthy businessman, with what weapon, and why they did it. Escape Dothan is excitement at its finest.

Cool location, friendly staff, interesting puzzles, a reasonable admission fee, and an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Don’t miss it if you’re in Dothan!

Address:3759 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

12. Dothan Folklore Brewing & Meadery

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (11)

Folklore Brewing & Meadery

Care to have the flavor of Dothan’s regional brewing culture?

Folklore Brewing & Meadery is a family-owned operation that is the first “packaging brewery” in the area since Prohibition. The brewery creates delicious craft beers.

These basically reflect the passion and dedication of the Pate family while instilling the traditions and folklores of Dothan’s heritage.

Moreover, the brewery is housed in the family’s old barn, and visitors are welcome to go on a tour of the production facility and sample what they’re currently concocting.

Not only that, but visitors can also find a large number of adorable pets to play with.

Their constructed fire outdoors in the winter that keeps visitors warm as they drink beers and meads in the cold air is why visitors kept coming all day, it is just an amazing treat!

Looking also for a memento, the gift shop is rightly available for you, you can get pint glasses, t-shirts, caps, and badges at affordable prices.

Above all, shop owners are friendly, informative, and receptive. No matter your race and gender, this is the right place for you.

Come to enjoy their delicious ales and lagers, such as the Irish-style Green-Eyed Monster and the Front Porch American pale ale, any day, anytime at no extra cost!

Address:153 Mary Lou Ln, Dothan, AL 36301, United States

13. Hunt’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (12)

Hunt’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Looking for the best steak, seafood, and oysters?

Hunt’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar serves the best steak, seafood, and oysters in Dothan, Alabama. Their food is so delicious and they are always open for lunch and dinner, serving favorites you can’t but admire.

The rolls are all you need to fall in love with in this place! All of the food was delicious!

Besides, their servers are very friendly, genuine, and accommodating. Although this incredible place seemed very old, it still appears neat, and the originality is still intact.

We highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for lunch or dinner along with Dothan, Alabama. They make you feel at home.

Above all, their delicious dishes are very affordable, and their environment is extremely clean and attractive. Lots of reserved parking spaces for visitors to park their cars.

if you are coming to Dothan, remember to add this incredible place to your itinerary, we assure you will surely enjoy it!

Address: 177 Campbellton Hwy, Dothan, AL 36301, United States

14. Dothan Conestoga Steak House

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (13)

Conestoga Steak House

Do you want to eat fresh food?

The Conestoga Steak House is a local favorite that has been serving Dothan with delicious food for over 30 years. The family-owned and operated restaurant guarantees fresh meals that are so fresh.

In fact, they have never had a freezer on their premises and have never used frozen meat.

Besides, they have a varied menu of steaks that keeps customers coming back time and time again. These include the New York strip, filet mignon, T-bone, or rib eye -all of which can be served with your choice of home-cut fries, sweet potato, baked potato, daily-made yeast rolls, salad, or broccoli. Lots of things to enjoy at reasaonable expenses!

Moreover, their quality of meat had the perfect amount of fat and the filet. It has every nutrient you will ever crave for! So amazing not only that, the staff works hard and the place itself is bare bones, they will give you a better treat to make you feel relaxed.

Looking for inclusive tender, deliciously seasoned, and perfectly cooked steak? Look no further, come over to Conestoga Steak House and satisfy your desires!

Address:3549 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

15. Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (14)

Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill

You don’t need to go to Italy for authentic pizza, Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza and Grill has all you would ever want.

The locally owned pizzeria is situated in downtown Dothan and focuses on creating delicious food with ingredients and methods that have been used for generations.

All of their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients that are delivered daily and in wood-fired ovens that were imported from Tuscany.

There is also a full array of soups, salad appetizers, and sandwiches as well as a fully stocked bar with several choices of liquors, bottled beers, draft beers, and aged wine. Everything is available for visitors’ enjoyment!

Moreover, the wait staff is always efficient and very nice, while the hosting staff will get a good job done.

Not only that, the design of this amazing place is inviting and they have a large area of outdoor seating with plenty of umbrellas to fend off the sun. Also, the restrooms are clean and nicely designed.

Address: 250 S Oates St, Dothan, AL 36301, United States

16. Dothan Coyboy

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (15)

Dothan Coyboy

Do you crave to listen to cool music with lots of drinks?

If all you crave is cool music and lots of music, head down to Cowboys to get a true Alabama experience. This well-maintained nightclub is one of the best venues for live country music in the country.

Besides, there are performances almost every night of the week. Hence, making it a great spot to go out for a few drinks whenever you are on a visit to Dothan.

The lively honky-tonk will not only have you tapping your feet but have you up on the dance floor showing off your best two-step!

Above all, they have the best large menu selection you might not find elsewhere in Alabama. The bartenders are amazing, their atmosphere is okay, and the whole staff will definitely treat you well.

Address:4657 S Oates St, Dothan, AL 36301, United States

17. Dothan Opera House

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (16)

Upstateherd / Wikimedia Commons

Dothan Opera House provides millions of guests over the years with its array of live theatrical and musical performances. The house has a beautiful Victorian interior design and beautiful facilities. Moreover, it is an intimate venue seating up to 590 and putting on opera, theatre, and beauty pageants.

Although, this musical house is a small building in Dothan. However, the presentations are what you would expect in a much bigger city! There is much to explore here, a must-see attraction when you are in town!

There are lots of restaurants nearby that will satisfy your taste with delicious meals.

Their parking space is spacious enough to accommodate visitors’ cars and the admission fee is just a little dollar. It is a must to see if you are in Dothan.

Address:115 N St Andrews St, Dothan, AL 36303, United States

Final Remarks

Beautiful sights, nature in all of its magnificence, and rich history are just a few of the reasons you should plan to come here.

If nothing else, you can rest assured that adding these amazing attractions to your itinerary will create the best experience for you.

These well-detailed lists are presumed to have given you the information that you need to decide how you will spend your time in this city.

So, pack your bags, round up your family and friends, and get ready to make memories to last a lifetime.

Happy travels.

17 Best & Fun Things To Do In Dothan (Alabama) | Travel Around (2024)


What is Dothan Al famous for? ›

About Dothan

It has become known as the “Peanut Capital of Alabama” and hosts the National Peanut Festival each fall. Dothan's downtown area is noted for its historic murals and Ross Clark Circle has become a popular retail hub for visitors from Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Why is Dothan the peanut capital of the world? ›

Since approximately one-fourth of the U.S. peanut crop is produced nearby, much of it processed in the city, Dothan is known as "The Peanut Capital of the World".

What's close to Dothan, AL? ›

Top 10 Best Things To Do Near Dothan, Alabama - With Real Reviews
  • Holmes Creek Canoe Livery. 3.7 (19 reviews) ...
  • Adventureland Theme Park. 3.3 (20 reviews) ...
  • Bev's Rage Room. 5.0 (2 reviews) ...
  • Blue Springs Recreation Area. 4.7 (20 reviews) ...
  • White Oak Pastures. ...
  • Xtreme Air Mega Park. ...
  • Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge. ...
  • Escape Dothan.

Where is the peanut capital of the world? ›

Dothan, Alabama, "Peanut Capital of the World." The peanuts located all over town depict various forms of peanuts | Library of Congress.

How far is Dothan Alabama from the beach? ›

Yes, the driving distance between Dothan to Panama City Beach is 91 miles.

What is the crime rate in Dothan AL? ›

With a crime rate of 48 per one thousand residents, Dothan has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 21.

What did Dothan used to be called? ›

Originally settled as Poplar Head in the early 1800s, the name was changed to Dothan (for a biblical location) in 1885.

What is Dothan called today? ›

It is identified with the modern Tell-Dothan, on the south side of the plain of Jezreel, about 12 miles north of Samaria, among the hills of Gilboa. The "two wells" are still in existence, one of which bears the name of the "pit of Joseph" (Jubb Yusuf).

Is Dothan Alabama in the Bible? ›

Dothan's name comes from a Bible verse (Genesis 37:17) stating: For I heard them say, “Let us go to Dothan.” The township was officially incorporated on Nov. 10, 1885. Growth was further spurred by the arrival of the railroad, and that growth led to the creation of Houston County in 1903.

What is the cost of living in Dothan AL? ›

Typical Expenses
0 Children3 Children
8 more rows

Where is a good place to stop in Alabama? ›

The most popular road trip stops in Alabama
  • Ave Maria Grotto.
  • Gulf State Park.
  • USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.
  • The Cross Garden.
  • Noccalula Falls Park & Campground.
  • Hank Williams Boyhood Home & Museum.
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
  • Birmingham Zoo.

Is Dothan a small town? ›

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Alabama, affectionately known as the “Peanut Capital of the World,” Dothan offers a unique blend of small-town charm and spirited community life.

How old is Dothan, Alabama? ›

On November 10, 1885, the people of Poplar Head voted to incorporate and took as the new town's name the name of Dothan.

What month are peanuts harvested? ›

Peanut harvest starts along the Southeastern U.S. in September and October and can continue until November as far as west as New Mexico and Oklahoma. Peanuts have a relatively long growing season compared to many other crops, taking 140-150 days to mature before they're ready.

How many people attend the Dothan peanut festival? ›

200,000 people attend. Admission ticket tiering is as follows: Gate admission is available for $10 each day and allows you to see all fairground entertainment, Food Court concerts, and All Metal Amphitheater concerts.

What is the significance of Dothan in the Bible? ›

Dothan is first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Book of Genesis) in connection with the history of Joseph, as the place in which the sons of Jacob (Israel) had moved their sheep and, at the suggestion of Judah, the brothers sold Joseph to the Ishmaelite merchants (Gen. 37:17).

Why are there peanut statues in Dothan Alabama? ›

The public art project “Peanuts around Town” started out as a fundraiser for the revival of downtown to provide funding for the addition of two new murals. In this project, local businesses, civic organizations and individuals purchased and decorate their peanut according to their own concept.

Why is Dothan called Wiregrass? ›

The region is named for the native Aristida stricta, commonly known as wiregrass due to its texture. Wiregrass ecosystem on the Gulf Coast Map showing southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle.

Is Dothan, Alabama a good place to live? ›

Nestled in the heart of the Wiregrass region, Dothan, Alabama, offers a perfect blend of Southern charm and modern amenities. With its friendly community, affordable cost of living, and thriving arts scene, it's an ideal place to call home.


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