10 Fun Facts About Jutta Leerdam: Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Wiki (2024)

Jake Paul is officially in a relationship with a 5 x World Champion speedskater, Jutta Leerdam. Her biography is explored below.

Jake Paulis one ofYouTube’smost prominent personalities. First gaining fame on Vine with big broLogan Paul,Jake has gone on to become aprolific influencer-boxerwith his own sports betting brand, Betr. He has even launched his own sports-focused podcast,BS w/ Jake Paul.

Although he’s stepped away from life as a vlogger to focus on his combat sports career, Jake is still a major online figure… and his love life is always a point of interest to his20 million subscribers.

Now, ‘The Problem Child’ is seeing Jutta Leerdam, who is an award-winning and famous skater known for events like 500 meters and 1000 meters.

TheVibely has gathered 10 facts about Jutta Leerdam, including but not limited to her career, family, personal, and finances. Here’s everything you need to know about his new boo — including her career as a professional athlete.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Jutta Leerdam
Net Worth:$1 million
Event:500 meters and 1000 meters
Club:Team IKO
Turned Pro:2018
Full Real Name:Jutta Monica Leerdam
Date of birth:30 December 1998
Age:24 years old (as of 2023)
Birthplace:Gravenzande, Netherlands
Height:1.82m (6ft 0in)
Weight:73kg (161lb)
Parents:Ruud Leerdam (father)
Siblings:Sisters: Merel Leerdam, Beaudine Leerdam, and Monique Leerdam
Brother: Kjeld Leerdam
Relationship Status:Dating
Boyfriend:Jake Paul (2023 to present)
Koen Verweij(ex-boyfriend from 2017 to 2022)
Marital Status:Unmarried
Social Media Accounts:TikTok: @juttaleerdam
Instagram: @juttaleerdam
Twitter: @JuttaLeerdam_
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Who is Jutta Leerdam?

Jutta Leerdam is a professional speed skaterspecializing in sprint events.

She doubles as a five-time speed skating world champion and also as an influencer, boasting over four million followers on Instagram.

Jutta recently achieved a silver medal at the 2022 Olympics held in China. She performed as a Dutch speed skater in the Olympics. Since her childhood, she always wanted to be a popular skater. To chase her passion, Jutta started her practice at an early age when she was only just 11 years old.

Leerdam has won 3 world titles including individual 1000m and 2 team sprint titles. Besides that, in 2020, Jutta won her first international title, The European Distance Championships. In 2017, she competed at the World Junior Championship and became a Champion.

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How old Jutta Leerdam?

The skater whose real name is Jutta Monica Leerdam was born on December 30, 1998. This means she celebrates her birthday every year on December 30 before the new year.

Since she was born on Dec. 30, then according to Western astrology her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Where does Jutta Leerdam come from?

The athlete was born in Gravenzande, Netherlands. What is Jutta Leerdam’s nationality? She has Dutch as her nationality.

What does Jutta Leerdam’s career look like?

Leerdam became the junior world champion at the2017 World Junior ChampionshipsinHelsinki, Finland. The following year, at the2018 ChampionshipsinSalt Lake City, United States, she finished second behind compatriotJoy Beune.

During the 2017–18 season, she won theISU Junior World Cupcompetition in the 1000m and 1500m events. She also became the Dutch junior sprint champion.

In 2018, she turned professional and became a member of Team IKO.

Since turning professional Leerdam won the 1000m world title twice (2020 and 2023), silver at that distance at the 2022 Winter Olympics, and also the gold medal at the World Sprint Championships in 2022.

While a skater is straight regarding her gender choices. And, Jutta does not have any kind of controversial events till today.

The place where I’m most at ease & stressed at the same time ? pic.twitter.com/vAIdfSpQpo

— Jutta Leerdam (@JuttaLeerdam_) January 15, 2023

Who are Jutta Leerdam’s parents?

Jutta was born into a Christian family. Her father, a businessman, is called Ruud Leerdam. The name and details of her mother are not known yet. Further information about her parents’ names is not known yet, however, per her Wikipedia, she was named after the Germanwindsurfingworld championJutta Müllerby her father, a windsurfing enthusiast. Her great-nieceDione Voskampis also a speed skater.

Does Jutta Leerdam have siblings? Yes, she grew up with her brother and three sisters – together she has four other siblings. The names of her sisters are Merel Leerdam, Beaudine Leerdam, and Monique Leerdam and her brother is called Kjeld Leerdam. Besides that, there are no further details related to her parents and siblings.

10 Fun Facts About Jutta Leerdam: Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Wiki (4)
10 Fun Facts About Jutta Leerdam: Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Wiki (5)

Where did Jutta Leerdam attend school?

Talking about her formal educational status, Jutta attended Hogeschool Rotterdam High School in the Netherlands.

After that,Leerdam studied commercial economics at the Johan Cruyff Academy of theHanze University of Applied SciencesinGroningen.

Who is Jutta Leerdam’s boyfriend?

Dutch skater and influencer, Jutta Leerdam and YouTuber/professional boxer Jake Paul are currently dating.

Leerdam and American social media personality and professionalboxerJake Paulpublicly confirmed being a couple on 3 April 2023, after the two had gotten in touch via Instagram a few months earlier.

Although she’s been in a few of Jake’s pics and videos up until this point, the couple went official after she appeared in an episode of his podcast on April 27.

According to Jake and Jutta, they’d been attempting to keep their relationship lowkey… but the paparazzi got to them first, and they ended up breaking the news via Instagram on April 3.

It seems like Jutta is head-over-heels for her new bae, saying in their vlog that Jake is actually “more introverted in real life, more chill, more sweet and genuine, vulnerable, and emotionally open. I’ve never seen that in a guy.”

Who did Jake Paul date before Jutta Leerdam? Jake Paul was previously in a relationship with model Julia Rose. However, the two appeared to have a rocky relationship andofficially broke things off last year. It doesn’t look as though Jake’s ex, Julia, has made any comment about their new relationship just yet.

@juttaleerdam The proud moment after “Dankjewel” ??? @Jake Paul ♬ origineel geluid – Jutta Leerdam

Who else did Jutta Leerdam date before Jake Paul?

According to Biography Mask, Leerdam was previously in a relationship withKoen Verweij, her fellow Dutch speed skater who played for the Netherlands group and addresses them on a 1500m speed skating track.

The outlet adds that they both got connected because of their similar career and are enamored with snow sports, particularly speed skating.

How they met and started dating is not known but they were together from the beginning in 2017, but on August 2022, she announced on herInstagrampage that they had broken up.

What is Jutta Leerdam’s height and weight?

Jutta Leerdam is very beautiful and has an amazing personality.

Dexerto reports that Jutta stands at a height of 6-foot-o inch (1.82 meters tall. While she weighs around 73 kg or 161 lbs.

Moreover, talking about the overall body measurement, the number ranges to 31 inches bust, 23 inches waist, and 35 inches hips.

Likewise, she wears a Bra size of 36B and a shoe size of 9 (US). Moreover, she has blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes.

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How much does Jutta Leerdam make?

Her net worth has been growing significantly in 2022-2023. Leerdam’s income source is mostly from being a successful Skater. So, how much is Jutta Leerdam worth right now? Dutch skater Jutta Leerdam has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has over 4 million followers on Instagram, which enables her to earn a lot more through social media promotions.

@juttaleerdam MARCH. #Tulum & #miami ♬ origineel geluid – Jutta Leerdam

What are Jutta Leerdam’s social media accounts?

Jutta is present on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. She has a Facebook account under her own name with around 203k followers.

Likewise, herInstagramaccount under the name @juttaleerdam has over 4 million followers.

While her Twitter account under the name @JuttaLeerdam has more than 60k followers. Moreover, she has a YouTube channel under her own name and has 11.1k subscribers.

She is on TikTok and has over 400K followers with over 2 million likes on her account @juttaleerdam.

InstagramJutta Leerdam Instagram
TwitterJutta Leerdam Twitter
FacebookJutta Leerdam Facebook
TikTok:Jutta Leerdam TikTok
WikipediaJutta Leerdam Wikipedia

10 Fun Facts About Jutta Leerdam: Jake Paul’s New Girlfriend Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Wiki (2024)


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